Topamax - how long till it kicks in?!

hi there,

been having dizziness/vertigo for over a month now, but only got to seeing a doc about a week ago. he’s pretty sure it’s MAV and started me on topamax. been taking one 25mg pill only for 4 nights so far, but still not noticing any change. any idea when this stuff starts kicking in?

my guess is im on a weak dose right now and it will be about a week, until i have to move to a stronger (50mg) dose, but im an impatient guy! the dizziness is really really annoying, and i’ll definitely handle the side effects if it means less vertigo.

thanks!!! luis.

For me, I can’t tell you how long before the dizzies started to fade when I took mostly because of the side effects. I know I was up to 50mg daily when I quit taking it. I will say though that I fall quite a lot (up to several times an hour) and the falling stopped within a couple of days even though I was still dizzy.

hi luis,
I started at 25 mgs for 1 or 2 wks, then went to 50 mgs. Then when I was still dizzy, got put on 75 mgs like a month of so later. I’m not perfect now by any means. I can say that I never woke up one day and said “wow! I feel normal and great again!”. Maybe I haven’t got the right med or the right diagnosis, or maybe it’s my neck issues that keep me from getting all the way better.

My doc said that it can a month or so to notice an effect. That seems about right…You gotta get up to the right level to have it work.

If you go to the topamax website, I think it actually tells you there if you want to get info straight from the drug makers mouth.

I hope you are feeling better very soon b/c being dizzy really sucks.