Topamax making dizziness worse?

Hi ive been on 25 mg split up 12.5 in morning and 12.5 in evening for 2 weeks now and its doing good for my migraines but its making me extremely dizzy. i think it is becuase im not getting alot of sleep on it and its causing me to be more anxious which in turn is just making everything worse but my migraine are better so im inclined to stick it out and see. Has anyone else experienced increased dizziness at first and how much longer is a reasonable time to wait and see if it gets better? I hear that alot of people find that these side effects such as the dizziness and nausea will go away. thanks so much

i started on 25 mg right away so maybe this was too much of a dose at first should i just stick with it though? since ive been on it for 2 weeks alrady?

Hi there,

I tried topamax 2x both trials were 3 weeks long. I didn’t realize it until After I got off of topamax. But at night when I would lay down to go to sleep,
I would close my eyes and the dizzy would start. I would see things spinning, bursts of images and shapes etc…

I explained this to a few doc’s that had no idea what I was saying. About a month off of the topamax it all stopped. I realized it was indeed the topamax that was actually making my symptoms Way worse and crazy! I would never go on it again for that reason.

Now for other SE of dizziness, quite a few drugs can cause that in the first couple weeks. If its helping, you could give it another week.
Also, everytime you titrate your dose up, you may get this same dizziness as well.

Glad to see its helping. Hope it will go away soon and your med search will be over. :slight_smile:

I was on Topamax for 8 weeks, titrating up to 100 mg over the first 5 weeks and then continuing at that dosage for the final 3 weeks. My dizziness steadily got worse and worse, along with a number of other unpleasant side effects. I went off the drug, and the doctor said it would take about 5 days to be out of my system. Sure enough, 3 - 4 days after stopping, my dizziness is down by 80-90%, and the other side effects have completely stopped. I do notice, however, that some other migraine symptoms (non-pain throbbing) have returned, so the Topamax was providing some protection, but overall, it wasn’t worth it.

Okay good that makes me feel better that if I do get off it that that increased dizziness will go away. Thank goodness. But I don’t want my migraones to return so bad :frowning:

worth mentioning since you get migraines. I dont. And after coming off topa cold turkey I had a migraine on and off over the course of 5 days.
2nd time, I weaned off which was even worse, I had more dizziness and a non stop headache was I was off for 3 straight days. It took me 5 full days
each time to feel better.


I’ve been on Topamax for 5 days and it is definitely making me very dizzy. Is there a chance I will get used to it?

This is a catch 22 for me, because the only real symptom I get from my migraines is vertigo. So if the topamax stops the migranes, but makes me dizzy all the time, well, out of the frying pan and into the fire so they say. Currently I’d say the dizziness from the Topamax is more consistent and stronger than what I get from my migraines, so that is no good!!! But it is hard to say–I could be getting a double whammy because I doubt the Topamax is stopping the migraines at this low dose after just a few days.

Ugh. Sorry to hear it’s making you dizzier… I had several unpleasant side effects, but fortunately none were increased dizziness (though I only made it to 25 mg in a month). I have been more dizzy / vertigo tons worse, though, since I stopped taking it. Definitely worse than before I started taking it. Hopefully that’ll go away soon… (All the other side effects from being on it did go away fairly quickly, so I’m thinking my brain’s just having issues readjusting to not having the topa in my system - ugh.)

Well, I’m not clear on exactly why I’m dizzy. I did have a major blowup on Sunday night (not directed at anyone) and when I get angry it tends to bring on the worst migraines, so it is possible that I was dizzy all day Monday due to that. Usually I’m able to sleep the migraines off.

I feel better today so maybe it wasn’t the Topamax making me dizzy. That would be good, as I really want to find out if it can supress this stuff.

There is no question that the Topamax hits me like crazy when I up the dose, then it slowly tapers off as I get used to it. It takes me about a week to get used to every 25mg increase. But I had my first signs of possible success yesterday even though I’m only at 50mg and I’ve only been on it for 12 days, so I am hopeful. My light sensitivity (which has been my main and pretty much only trigger) seems to have been knocked down a notch. Hopefully this will continue as I move up to 100mg.