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Topamax Quit Working

Certainly hope so. You say you had three very bad years. So did I, well three and a half which included 15 months of insufficient Propranolol, then once dose was upped, I certainly reached the 70% after nine (further) months, as per Dr S clinic statement, then after a further nine months started the odd 100% day (back last Autumn) and now seem to manage to get crystal clear head, 100%, virtually no symptoms days that last three days in a row at present the falls back to 80-85% for a couple of days. I say ‘virtually’ because the only symptom I had yesterday was maybe five seconds of oscillopsia (internal feeling of movement looking at stationery object) early in the day. If my head is clear, no head pressure, my balance is fine. So good yesterday I walked through woods and could turn my head left and right without my balance faltering at all. Today, is Day Four so I’m back to 85% and balance’s no good. Yesterday was super. Spot on, perfect.

So James in a way we have both followed a very similar timescale which makes one wonder whether MAV does just ‘burn out’. Helen

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Checking in, Ive been on 200mg for about 45 days now. The headaches, rocking and vertigo spells are gone which is an improvement. The light sensitivity, head motion intolerance and visual vertigo have improved a little but I still feel pretty crappy if I try to act normal. I dont know whether to keep being patient or add another medication.