Topamax success?

It seems to me that a lot of people have gotten better with Topamax. My question is can Topa work for MAV and for anxiety?

Joliview – there was a guy on here over a year ago named Rich who has MAV under control with Topamax (50 mg daily). Before he had control, he had anxiety that was out of control. He posted as though he were about to leap off a bridge some days. It took 4 months for Topa to kick in but when it did, his anxiety vanished with it.


Hi Joliview
I’m currently taking 60mg. of topamax daily in split doses. I’ve been taking the medication a little over one month, though, so I’m still waiting for the anxiety to calm down more… I think I’d say it’s improved mostly because I’m not as anxious about being dizzy all the time and I’m out and about much more than in the past 3 years. The anxiety with chronic conditions is often off the charts, and I’ve experienced that as well. And anxiety can create this feedback loop that makes or feeds dizziness.

I had major success with Topa, I just couldn’t tolerate one specific side effect: ANGER. Within 3 days of starting it, still at the starting dose, my falling stopped. About a month and a half into it, I had to quit before I ended up in prison for anger related issues.

Hi Brian - You’ve really been through it. I’m sorry the topamax didn’t work out for you. I’ve heard about topamax making some people feel very aggressive. I was told by my neuro that it would be “energizing/activating” so I was braced for the aggressive/angry feelings or even depression. Any med can turn on you so I have no idea what to expect long term on this stuff. Hang in there.

I had the anger/aggression reaction when using Aropax (Paxil) many years ago. Weird. For the first few weeks I was all hyped up, restless and willing and wanting to fight anyone. Fortunately it did settle after a few weeks.

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I had the anger/aggression reaction when using Aropax (Paxil) many years ago

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I guess the question is, has the anxiety heen a long term issue, or did it come with the MAV? If it came with the MAV, then it will likely go if you get the MAV treated. I believe anxiety in MAV is caused by the veritgo. Your whole system freaks out due to the vertigo. Which actually, isn’t that surprising. If the world were actually pitching and rolling the way the vertigo makes you feel, it would be a pretty good reason to freak out!