My doctor started me on topamax 25 mg for my migraines. I have taken this tablet for a total of three times now and am wondering whether I should continue. Upon taking it I immediately noticed a major drop in my intellectual and cognitive abilities. Like when I was reading a book I noticed that I had to read a paragraph many times over to comprehend it. As yet there has been no decrease in my migraines.

If you’ve found the side-effects too potent you could cut the tablet in half & try 12.5mg for while until your brain gets
used to it. I started at 12.5mg and increased very slowly by 12.5mg every 4 weeks or so. Am very sensitive to meds.
Eventually reached 100mg. It took a while to get over the initial side effects but no problems with it now and has been
a big help so worth the 'low, slow approach!

I was already taking 100mg Dothep (a tricyclic like Amitryiptyline) so no interaction.


Thx for the reply Barb.

Yeah, starting at a lower dose may help. For many, that side effect can either get better or go away. For others, not so much. It’s really going to be a matter of sticking with it and seeing what happens. As for reduction in migraines, 3 doses is way WAY to early to gauge how it will work for you. A lot of docs trial meds for 8-12 weeks before judging anything. Hang in there! Side effects can be tough sometimes and it just plain sucks to deal with all that upfront and not know whether it will work for you in the end. Topa can be especially hard for some folks to get used to. If you are still really feeling icky, it couldn’t hurt to give your doc a call and get their input.