Topamax update! So good!

Hi friends…so after a visit at duke with dr Adkins in December I did add Topamax to my "cocktail of verapamil and klonopin…and so far…so good… Have titrated up very… Slowly… Began dec 10th at 25 mg, increased to 37.5 on jan2 and tonite took 50 mg… So we shall see… I will stay at 50 until I see dr Adkins again at duke the first week of feb and we will see what’s what… But I am cautiously optimistic… A little nervous as I increase the dosage as always… But slowly!! Wish me luck!! :slight_smile: dysequilibrium and headaches have decreased… Yay!

Good luck, Dee! Upping the meds always brings on a little stress, which isn’t great for MAV. I hope your headaches and disequilibrium continue to decrease! Keep us posted. :smiley:

That’s wonderful news! Are you seeing Dr. Adkins or Ashley Underwood? I see Ashley at the beginning of Feb. Just curious if you have taken the diamox?
I really wish I could have tolerated the topamax!

I am seeing dr adkins… My case is complicated so she wanted to see me herself for a followup… Since Topamax seems to be going well so far ( fingers crossed) I’m hoping we don’t add to the mix of that plus verapamil, klonopin and zoloft… We shall see! She did talk about possibly adding diamox… What issues did you have with Topamax? I had issues with the generic, but have not had issues with the name brand so far… again, fingers crossed! I too am going the beginning of February… When is your appt? Dee

My appt is on feb 8th at noon… It would be fun to meet a fellow MAVer! :smiley: