Topamax Withdrawl


So I tried topamax again for 3 1/2 weeks at 25mg. This time I tapered off over 6 days. The first night I had nothing, the next morning I woke up with a migraine. This is the 3rd straight day. (normally I do not get migraines) I had a 3 day migraine (on/off) when I stopped Topamax cold turkey last time, but this time, they are lasting all day and night… and Ihave sweaty palms. Anyone else? Im very sensitive. Sigh…


Why cutting off the topamax so soon?

I tried it twice and I cant get past 25mg, makes me super super dizzy. Plus Neuro said to stop and referred me to someone else so, dont have a neuro at this time.

Thats a good reason, i was just curious.

Thats perfectly ok. We all are curious. :smiley: