Hi everyone,

Tonight I will be trying Topamax for the first time. My headaches have become more of an issue than the rocking so my Dr. thinks that this may be a good med along with botox. The pills are 25 mg and seem small but I am thinking of cutting them in half to start. Has anyone else done this or has anyone been able to tolerate the 25mg right away.


Hi Steve,
Yes you can cut them in 1/4, I’ts probably what most of us would do.


Hey Steve,

I started on half (12.5mg) and increased by half a tablet every two weeks. I’ve now been on topa for 10 weeks and haven’t had any side effects.
Slow and low is definitely the way to go.
I’m currently on 62.5mg and am only now starting to notice an improvement.

All the best


Thanks guys for the advice. I did cut the pill in half and I’m glad I did. This morning I could already fell that I was " drugged " on only 12.5 mg. I will titrate slowly to 50mg and see what happens.