Hi all back from my GP and hes prescribed me Topamax, just wondering who has been on this or is now and is it helping at all, what side affects, loose off weight etc. Im scared taking this as ive heard so many horror stories off this med, and ive been on loads already in the past 2 and a half yrs, dont need all this horris symptoms again as i work for the NHS and have a life. Need some advice please Thankyou

Hi everyone im new here and want your advice for the med Topamax what im starting tonite. I have suffered with Lab for 2 years then it turn into MAV march this yr. I suffer now with bad headaches and a bit off dizziness, so much better what i was mths a go. Im about 90% better but i need help with the rest. I have tried so many meds its unbieveable but the side affects were terrible and i have to carry on working for the NHS and being a single parent. Im only taking supplements at the moment which have helped a bit with my headaches, but i need more now. I have been under ENT AND NEAURO and both signed me off as usual, back to see my gp with meds they prescribed. Had a ct scan and physio in the 2 and a half yrs. Im really scared taking this med, but i know its one off the best ones out there. Please i need some advice on this med, the do’s and dont’s. Thankyou for listening. Michelle xxx

Starting Topamax, have u lost weight with this drug !

Hi haven’t tried Topamax myself but look at JamieH posts he has hd great success with this med.

Just started Topamax last nite 12.5mg and woken up not to bad just dizzy. Strange really as i had no dizziness at all just headaches, is this the med whats doing this and how long will the dizzies last Thanks

Thankyou how do i search for JamieH !

there are a couple of ways you could try to get the info on Topamax

  1. send jamieh a ‘pm’ (private message) to ask him about his experience/success with topamax, I’m sure he’d be only too happy to help
  2. put his name in the search box (r/h top) & then open & scroll through the posts that show up.
    Good luck