Topimirate 150mg - how much longer should I give it?

Hello to everyone who has trialled or who is taking the medication at the dosage above…I appreciate that there are a number of posts on Topiramate/Topamax in general but as with VM itself, there are many and varied experiences of it.

For a number of you, relief has been experienced in a few days, others a couple of weeks. For me personally, following the advice of my GP (as recommended by the Neurologist who diagnosed me) I titrated up to 100mg over a period of 4 weeks starting at a dose of 25mg and stayed at 100mg for 3 weeks. Some of my symptoms seemed to reduce, but others persisted so exactly 3 weeks ago today my GP advised to titrate up to 150mg to see if those could also be reduced but despite the fact that I had a period last week (which does exarcerbate symptoms) my symptoms in general have increased again and remained so throughout.

My GP will be phoning tomorrow to check on my progress but in the meantime, I wanted to ask any of you for advice as to whether I should stick it out for longer given the fact I’ve been on the recommended effective dose 100-150mg for 6weeks now and that’s half way between the 1 month and 2 month ‘magic’ marker? Is there any hope that my symptoms will eventually settle down on Topiramate within this time frame?! Any comments will be much appreciated!:smile:

Hi there…just curious if you persisted and if so how it went?