Topiramate: Memory Loss?


According to my neurologist, the anti-convulsant category is the only one left for me to try in order to tackle my vestibular migraines. She suggested I should try Topiramate, but everyone is telling me that it transforms people into amnesiac zombies. Someone told me that an acquaintance could not remember who she was, where she lived, etc…

Could you tell me whether it is as devastating as this?

Many thanks!


HI Deasmum,
I take Topiramate (100 mg) along with nortriptyline (50 mg).
I was so scared to take the Topiramate due to reading and hearing about the potential side affects, but my Neuro is so good and of course is the expert… so, who was I to question.

I have a fast paced, detail oriented job and I will say that there was one time where I asked the design manager for information I needed quickly. He replied with the information. I then followed up an hour later asking for the same information as if he had not already provided it to me! He was baffled, I was baffled and a little embarrassed quite honestly when he reminded me that we had just spoken. I have been doing this for over 20 years and they count on me to have my work in order.

That passed within the first 2 weeks and Topiramate has been incredibly good to me! I am so pleased my Neuro suggested that I add it. It has helped with my head pain, pressure and residual dizziness that the Nort wasn’t taking care of.

Hope this helps!


All very much individual I’m afraid. You won’t know until you have taken it.

It must be really bad for some because the medics don’t recommend it’s use for people in certain jobs/professions and I’ve seen this written up in many medical papers, articles etc.

Read the entirety of this thread.

Indeed, there are positive effects of taking Topiramate and side effects maybe case to case scenario.

At some, it may cause weight loss, dizziness or even tiredness.