***** Topiramate Side Effects and Weaning Off *****


I’m new to the forum and last year I was diagnosed with Migrance Associated Vertigo and would like to inquire about Topamax/Topiramate. My neuro prescribed me initially at 50 MG last June/2015 with permission to increase to 100 MG. So, I start it at 50 MG, usually in the morning, but didn’t realized the slight drowsiness (mistaken it for my base-line dizziness) as side-effects. I took it for about a month at 50 MG/daily, then abruptly stop because my M.A.V./dizziness had completely gone away. But several weeks later, the M.A.V. returned due to food triggers and I re-up the dosage erratically (50-75 MG) for a couple of weeks, which was a huge mistake because I didn’t know that with Topiramate you must start gradually and wean gradually over weeks, not days.

Now, I take nightly just 38 MG (1.5 pills) Topiramate because I dread the daily clustered and tension headaches around the eye sockets and the temple areas. They are part of the side-effects, yes? Sleepiness is also another side-effects. I drink just a cup of green tea to have some caffeine to fight off the tension headaches, though it helps somewhat but more than cup would bring on the light-headedness. I stop drinking excessive coffee. The daily tension headaches is normally more intense during the day unless I take Migraine Relief (325 MG) or Tylenol (2X500 MG) or ibuprofen for relief.

Unfortunately, I now do not have health insurance (in-between perm/temp jobs). Hence, my desperation to seek advises from other sufferers who have similar experiences taking Topiramate.

Question I have: since I only take just small dosage, 38 MG, is’t not as effective as I had hope after taken it for about 6 weeks now?

Can I wean it off gradually without major side-effects? What would be the time-line to wean it off? I do not care to have any major side-effects, i,e, kidney stone, in the long run.

Is there another med or class of med that causes less tension or clustered headaches, sleepiness, blurry vision? Verapamil (Calan)?

I will start taking 400 MG daily of Magnesium and likely combine with B12 as well, hopefully in the long run to have my dizziness under control without prescription drug, which would be miracle, and being careful of my food triggers. Any advises on other supplements and/or natural healing?

Any advises and tips of preventing onset of MAV from doctors and fellow MAV sufferers would be greatly helpful and much much appreciated. I’m getting quite desperate now.

Thank you very much in advance