Topmax side effect..question

Hi Everyone,
Hope to find you doing well. Just wondering about the Topamax…I am currently up to 50 mg with no serious side effects (knock on wood) but I have been feeling some tingling in my left hand, mostly my fingers. It is not constant but just wondering if anyone else has the tingling/numbness sensations? Also, my feet seem to “fall asleep” more often then normal.


I tried Topamax awhile I go and I got tingling in my hand and feet too, so that is normal side effect.
I hope it works for you.


This is completely normal. Dr Hain says to go up until you get the tingling and then stop. So if you are getting that sensation now, he says it’s best to stay at this dosage for a while until the effect goes away. I got completely better on just 50mg so I feel no harm in doing this. Plus, why suffer the side effect if you don’t have to. That is just my point of view, and in the end, you need to do what is best between you and your doctor, but i would personally not continue to titrate upward until that side-effect stops, and it almost always does. Give it some time for the effect to go away. It can take a while.


Totally normal. I am at 60 mg and get this from time to time, mainly on my feet. It tends to occur each time I take the med and up the dose. No worries.