Topomac (UK brand name)

I have been prescribed Topomac 25g working up to 100mg over a month. Many of the posts on here have negative and sometimes quite worrying things to say about topiramate usage. I’ve read all the contraindications and been on the Topomax website. The side effects that would concern me the most are those that may cause inability to recall correct words etc.
I want to give the medication a fair chance to work and am due back to see the neurotologist mid-March so should know by then whether or not I am feeling benefits or not.
Has anybody here had good results from Topomac/Topomax? I have extremely low blood pressure which is why any of the beta blockers were not initially prescribed. Anybody tried these with low blood pressure? I also have an under active thyroid and managing weight can be problematic so pizotifen was considered not a good idea as it can result in weight gain I believe.

I suppose I am looking for some positives here!!!

You mention an underactive thyroid. I’ve known people whose dizziness/equilibrium issues were solved once they got their thyroid levels under control. Just a thought. Wish it could be that easy.

Hi Ali and Julie,

Can’t confirm your thoughts on Topomax unfortunately, but I can tell you a bit about pizotifen. I’ve been on them for approx 18 months. I’ve increased to 7 tabs per day (500mcg) and boy oh boy, do they make you hungry. I’ve never had a weight issue, but can’t keep the mouth shut with the voracious appetite, subsequently gaining 9 kilos (I’ve lost about 1.5 kilos which has been really hard). My neuro is particularly keen on this med so I’m going to keep at it. I’ve been running at about 60% for over 12 months now and still unable to work, but think I’ve noticed some small improvement on that, perhaps 65%. I’m swimming now, 3/4 kilometre, 3 times a week and a light workout at the circuit room, twice weekly, plus walking when I can. I’m going to keep up the pizotifen until I see my neuro in Feb and will continue on them if I see that I’m still improving. I also take an anti-seisure drug, Rivotril (has another name??) 1/2 tab twice daily and think it’s a good combo. I’m just hoping the improvement, even small - continues all the way to the top! :stuck_out_tongue:
Good luck with the Topomax