Topomax side effects or just MAV as usual?

Have been on Topomax since Dec 17th. Started 7 days on 25 mg and then started on 25mg twice a day from 24th December. Have felt rubbish since Dec. 17th and really not sure whether this is co-incidental or just another extreme episode of MAV. I visited the National Neurology Hospital in London on Dec 17th were they prescribed the Topomax that day and felt OK the day we went down there. But ever since have felt wretched and actually contacted them on the 21st but nobody got back to me. Very light headed, nauseous, tired, lethargic, stomach cramps on and off, tearful, lack of energy. All over Xmas I have felt a real sense of having to keep it together for the family and a desperate sense of sadness that I am not the same person I was last year.
The idea of going back to work and feeling like this is not good. I have an appt. to see my GP tomorrow but not sure what he can do really.
Does this sound like a typical reaction to Topomax and should I brave it out? Cant’ say that it is making me feel one iota better.