Total Frustration

Just need to vent.

Was doing well, taking my Topamax 100mg, Ativan for the little bumps in the road…overall well, then last Thursday freak rain storm, realized my car windows were open and off running I went, next thing I know I’m flat on my face on my living room carpet (thanks goodness the carpet and not outside would have been much worse), urgent care visit with diagnosis separated shoulder, hit my head pretty good. Sure enough within 24hrs MAV onset, neck pain like crazy, I’m sure all the muscle spasms from the shoulder and a new symtom for me HEADACHE!!! my heart goes out to all you who have this all the time, I am what I would now consider myself one the the lucky ones who usually has all the other symptoms but not the headache. I truely feel like a mac truck has hit me and wish someone would just cut off my head. I opted out of narcotics for pain from the doc because I fear taking anything extra with this disorder, so I’ve been eating 12 Advil a day, max dose. Going to chiro tonight hoping she can provide neck relief without touching my shoulder. Anything to relieve some on these sypmtoms. It seems you can’t even get a virus/cold or anything that rocks the boat and this crap flares up, although this injury is pretty significant. Just feel like you take 1 step forward 2 steps back.


HOw frustrating for you Cecilia…and painful. I hope you get some relief soon

Cecilia, I don’t even know what a separated shoulder feels like but it sounds dreadful! You poor thing, I hope you feel better soon.

I’d probably skip the narcotics also, codeine makes me feel terrible!!!


Hi Cecilia,

Be careful with the pain meds. They can cause the whole thing to continue relentlessly and pain to worsen. If pain does not resolve and medication begins to lose its efficacy, it’s a pretty good sign you’ve hit a chronic migrainous pain state. Too much painkiller – or any painkiller meds – can cause “central sensitisation” and so you’d need to stop using them if the pain does not resolve. I’m no medical doctor but just concerned about the 12 daily Advils and the advice from Nicholas Silver concerning pain medications.

Hope it stops very soon … Scott

Hi Cecilia,
I’m so sorry your in such pain, let’s hope the Mav settles again once your shoulder becomes more stable.
Must have been a shock? poor thing.
That spray iron/starch on a floor is dangerous, I did the splits slipping on that suff. :roll:


Thanks all for you kind words and advice…wanted to give a little update- shortly after posting also ended up with pneumonia, crazy but gotta laugh or you’ll cry. The positive of the lost 10 days as I call them is the MAV actually quieted relatively quickly, I am chalking that up to the Topamax/strict diet and a little ativan, I think 6 months ago I would have been out for a long time.

Also thanks to Scott for your advice on the advil, I purposely stayed away from narcotics for pain thinking they would be an issue but never really thought the advil might, but shortly after ready your post actually stopped taking it, it wasn’t doing much for the pain and when the fever hit with the pneumonia it didn’t touch that either, so we switched to tylenol and only enough to keep the fever at bay…I did much better all around, headache/pain/fever wise.

Again thanks all…


OMG you poor thing. I hope you feel better soon!!!