Totally OT - The Boston Globe's "The Big Picture"
If you haven’t seen this, you’re missing out (well, not anymore)! In short, they deliver high-quality, high-res photos with descriptions. Some act as news stories, some are just plain cool (and some, to be fair, are pretty boring).
Hint: Use “j” and “k” to switch to the next/previous picture.

A few favorites of mine: … above.html … l_day.html … o_nyc.html

Wow, thanks for posting these. I love the ‘world from above photos’ and the one of turtles!



I can’t decide which I loved best - if forced by a gun held to my head, i would have to say the animals - how about that blue frog ? ! Although the very first shot Tran posted, above the 3 was incredible!

Thanks, Tran!