Travel Passenger

Because of the inexhaustive exhaustion (heh) I’ve been dealing with (though I am having some good days now), I’ve made the decision to rehome my house-duck. IN order to do this, we had to make a 5 hour drive to a chosen location, then turn around and come back…same day.

I did pretty well as passenger except for the occasional sensation that the edges of the road weren’t always where they were supposed to be. When I drive, btw, that’s never an issue.

This trip was on Saturday. Either from lack of movement for that long - or some arbitrary happening that I’m not aware of, dizziness and headaches have not only returned, but seem to be increasing from day to day.

As I write this, I’m reminded that I took my daughter swimming yesterday. I never put my head in the water…but there is a ‘current’ pool that is a long oval. Whenever I began to feel body-tired, I’d move into the wader’s pool. The water ‘lapping’ against my body made me feel a littel ‘off’…but nothing like what I’m experiencing today.

See how writing these things out helps?

No long trips as passenger
I am SO not ready to go swimming again…and to think of all that shaving I had to do, too.
I can still ‘hear’ fluorescent lighting

Yes it sounds like long trips are out and swimming for now must be a thought for the future.