Treating MAV with abortives

Hey everyone, from what I gather abortive’s have no effect on MAV correct? I am a part of a “Migraine Sufferer’s” facebook group, it has almost 3,000 members, but it is basically %99 people who experience “migraine headaches” Im just there for info on drugs etc. since they take the same things. There is one guy there who also has MAV and said that preventatives didnt work for his MAV until he “broke” the cycle with an abortive like Imitrex, but I dont find that to be true. Even when I had a horrible migraine headache a few weeks ago, I took a Zomig and it did nothing for my dizziness…or headache really. Im trying to to find some literature on this, any clues?

I know that abortives are not meant to work for prevention. There is also a big no no for people taking abortives if they are also taking any type of serotonin affecting preventative…risk of serotonin sydrome. But I don’t doubt that it could work for someone…just not everyone. There seems to be no real rule of thumb as everyone’s brain works differently and there’s no real way to know what’s happenening in there without the trial and error.

Thanks Kelly, that does make sense, maybe next time Im feeling super dizzy Ill try an abortive and see what exactly it does. I just hated how it made me feel the time I did take it. It knocked me out!

If Zomig doesn’t work for your migraines headaches maybe you should ask for samples for another abortive? I have had Imitrex work to take away the dizziness, but only when I had a migraine headache and it didn’t last long! I’m on day 3 of a migraine headache, and while the Imitrex takes them away, they come back while I sleep at night–hormonal migraines and even the topamax can’t stop those sometimes!

I also hate how I feel after taking Imitrex, but I hate how I feel right now so I’ll take the doped up hungover feeling for a bit :slight_smile:

So I’d say that I would agree that an abortive can sometimes stop the dizziness if a migraine headache is also present because I’ve personally expereienced it, but the dizziness always comes back, so it’s not a long-term treatment strategy by any means!

that is interesting that it does stop the dizziness. Hmmmm…strange!!!

Well I do have samples of two other ones, or maybe 3? Maxalt and sumatriptan and naproxen together. I havent had a “bad” headache in a while since being on Depakote a few weeks, but I still get a mild one everyday that Motrin usually takes care of.

Also, I take an SSRI and take sumatriptan with no issue. My neurologist said that the risk of serotonin syndrome is really very small. Yes, it is a possibility, but very, very remote. Even the pharmacist was like “don’t sweat it, take the Imitrex to get rid of the migraine” and I’ve taken Imitrex several times while I’ve taken an SSRI without issues. I’ve had to take Imitrex the past three days and I’m still on Prozac (making the change to Lexapro and will still take my Imitrex when needed :slight_smile: )

I wanted to update my situation on this. I have had a horrible migraine headache on Friday when I tried upping my Depakote dose, so had to take a Frova, even though I think I took it too late, it helped my headache decrease a lot and I was so much clear headed it was weird, the zomig probably made me worse or didn’t help at all when I took it last month but Frova really helped. I had to take another today since I went to the gym and it triggered a migraine, I left nauseous and had a slight headache, so I caught it just in time, took the Frova and my nausea disappeared, and I was almost %100 free of the dizzies, with a slight off feeling from the side effects of Frova I think. It will come back when the pill wears off, but what does this mean? I know these are selective seratonin receptor agonist. I’m thinking I need my seratonin tweaked, any other type if this kind of medicine that is similar that would help. It really just is strange this could work even if it just for a short time. Could this mean there is always some migraine activity going on in my brain t all time? I mean te Depakote is helping but apparently not enough. Kelly or anyone want to chime in drug wise?

**Frovatriptan inhibits excessive dilation of arteries that supply blood to the head. It is available as 2.5 mg tablets.
Frovatriptan has mean terminal elimination half-life of approximately 26 hours, which is substantially longer than other triptans.
[edit] Mechanism of Action
Frovatriptan is a 5HT receptor agonist, with high affinity for the 5-HT1B/1D receptors. It has no significant effects on the GABAA mediated channel activity and benzodiazepine binding sites.**Okay, this med works from narrowing the blood vessels, and also a serotonin agonist. I will have to look into which receptors those are. It also said it was good for temporary (key word) premenstral migraine prevention.

If you feel you need some serotonin tweaking, I would say Celexa probably a good one to start on. Fairly easy to tolerate for most…I don’t think Depakote does much in the sero dept. You wouldn’t have to stop the depakote I don’t think…just add a low dose and see if it makes any difference?