Treatment or some help?

Hi All,
I have not been diagnosed with MAV, though I do have the same symptoms as most of you do…I posted my story here, but anyways, here are a few ideas for some helpful treatment…I don’t know if it will help all of you, but it sure is worth a shot, especially if your dizziness gives you panic attacks.

For Panic, I take a non-perscription item called Inositol.
It is completely natural, no side effects and you can buy it in a vitamin store practically anywhere, and you can even find it in a multivitamin. I buy a brand called KAL, and Inositol comes in either powder or capsule form. I buy the powder form, I take 1/4 tsp in the morning and evening. When you first start to take Inositol, you will have stomach aches, but those go away as you get used to the Inositol in your body. Completely safe treatment for panic disorder, unless if you suffer from some other sort of mental disability.

Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid - just helps relieve anxiousness(very good if you have a lot of anxiety), but it does other stuff, that I don’t have problems with.

Vitamin B6 - I herd this is good for relieving dizziness, but not curing it. I started this about a week ago, I had one “good” day this week, so maybe it is begining to work…

There HAS to be a cure out there, it just hasn’t been found yet :frowning: