Tremor / twitching

anyone get any tremor/twitching/Shaking of hands,arms or legs?

i get random muscle twitches i wonder if it could be from nortriptyline or xanax? they are very infrequent though so i dont really pay attention to them.

How long does it last?

Early on, my left eye would twitch repeatedly (on my most symptomatic side). Not sure if it was related as even “normal” people have twitches.

By the way, Robert, did you ever follow up on your polycythemica issue? (I believe that was you that mentioned it??)

the twitches i get last for literally a second and thats it. honestly it could be caused by anything or just be “normal” who knows. my body will just randomly jerk.

I get random jerks/twitches in my legs and/or feet when I’m resting on the sofa or occasionally when sitting at work. Don’t get it every day but fairly often, maybe 2 or 3 twitches a day.
The twitches are barely visible but I can certainly feel them.
Also I sometimes get a more fuller body jerk as I’m dropping off to sleep (this is quite common in normal people I think) bit I didn’t used to get it. Even had one on the beach the other day when I was nodding off sunbathing :shock:

As I’m falling asleep, I often twitch/jerk enough that my wife is fully woken. Especially when I’m touching or spooning her the while. Now when fully awake, not abed, I also sometimes have twitched for several seconds, small but I understand sharp movements: what’s called ictal behavior, associated with and in fact defining seizure. Unaware of it, in fact lost to the world for those seconds. And disoriented for several minutes afterwards. We’re no longer talking MAV here but “dissociative behavior.”

I also twitch when lying still or sitting still mainly twitch in my legs and arms but not very often now Ive given up caffeine. I also twitch when I’m trying to fall asleep it’s liked being poked everytime I try and get to sleep sometimes it can be really difficult to get into a sleep as everytime I dose off I twitch and I am awake again. I find since Ive cut caffeine out Ive almost erradicated this problem. I once spent almost 5 nights awake as couldn’t get into a sleep as twitching was so bad everytime I tried to dose off, that was before I discovered that caffeine caused a lot of problems and had to take zolpidem to sleep. I got complacement the other week and had a coffee and a few cups of tea at my own peril. I spent the whole night awake twitching when trying to fall asleep and had a really bad migraine felt strange and floaty followed by huge head pressure I had to take a zoplidem in the end just so I could get two hours sleep so I could go to work. Needless to say have had no caffeine since and been absolutely fine, slept well, zzzzzz :), no big migraines.