Trial by fire

So … if I keep eating this candy corn, will my head eventually explode? To think I always described myself as having pretty strong self-control. But then those jelly beans appeared last night … which triggered the headache of this morning/afternoon.

At this point, it’s all … what the heck … how much worse can it get … which leads back to my original question. I don’t really expect an answer. Just wanted to whine to some people who know where I’m coming from. Lately husb is like, “oh yeah, another headache … what else is new.” And boss’s panties are in a bunch because we have an appt with a doc tomorrow morning to talk about draining a huge cyst on my dtr’s kidney. (I was just off a half day for my neurologist appt. yesterday.) It’s not like I don’t have this time available. I still have some pers & vac time, but when da boss is in the States, I’d better be here for him. Argh.

I already said I was whining so if I’m making anyone nauseous just try to ignore me. I’ll get over it. The Topamax seems to be helping the headaches (when I behave myself). I’m dopy - which is what you all warned about - but I can live with that. Dr. Escandon & I talked about the level of dopiness I can tolerate vs. what’s ‘normal’ for me :roll: We agreed that I’d wait until Thanksgiving weekend to increase dose from 25 mg to 50 mg so that I’ll be at home (and supervised by my keepers).

Ooops … there it goes … my head just exploded … better get some towels. :mrgreen:


The dopiness will go away if you give it enough time.


But if my dopiness goes away I won’t be ME. Hardy har har.
Seriously, I figured/hoped it would eventually level out a bit and it has for the most part. Those first few days I was pretty loopy. Dr. E took lots of notes yesterday and said the ‘loss of inhibition’ I experienced wasn’t a ‘known’ side-effect, but it didn’t surprise him … different things happen to different people.

Great, Joy! Welcome to the club of Topa success stories!

Since you’re a new Topa-Sis there’s a ritual you must go through - you didn’t know about this part of it, did you? About the sharing blood part?

You did see where I said Topa has caused me initially to lose my inhibitions, right?? :lol: We’re not gonna have to dance nekked in a circle around a big bonfire or anything, are we? I don’t really do nekked dancing-around-bonfires, at least not since I’ve gotten old and saggy.

Well, dancing is part of it, but you’re intentionally avoiding what i said about blood-sharing :mrgreen:

Or maybe you’re really that dopey


yeesh … blood sharing … ya know now days that’s frowned upon but if it’s part of the Topa initiation, I don’t see how I can avoid it.

Thanks for taking my mind off my head spikes.


Now you’ve got the idea - it’s just a ploy - something to keep you occupied with nice thoughts :wink:

Be well Joy, and keep us posted Topa-Sis!!! Where’s that Kiss smiley???