HI all,
Just reading about Jen’s good news regarding the Prothiaden, and thinking that Amitryptaline and Nortriptyline are very much the gold standard for migraine prevention. At least as far as the AD’s go. There are so many different
Tri’s, that I can’t help but wonder why they are the ones prescribed so often. They all seem to hit Sero and NE, although from my research, the NE seems to be the most impacted with these meds. I have noticed for me personally, that
the meds that did any help and I was able to tolerate were Remeron (which isn’t a tri, but another AD that hits NE and sero), Ami, and Cymbalta, which is a balanced NE and sero reuptake inhibitor. Prothiaden, from what I can tell, isn’t
FDA appoved here in the states, so the only chance I will be able to get some is on an upcoming trip to Sydney.
Interestingly, Fex does hit NE once you pass 75mg…I’ve noticed some people have started getting better results once they get over that hump…I asked my p-doc why it’s so much harder to get off of Fex than a Tri, and he shrugged his
shoulders. So much they don’t know…
For anyone interested, who is taking an SSRI without getting the full benefit, you can augment it with Strattera, which just hits the NE…
Also, wanted to share that I’m taking a small amount of Remeron at night and sleeping like crazy…waking so rested and my anxiety is better. Haven’t had to hit the Klonapin much at all this week. My MAV is getting clearer, too. This happened
last time as well, but pooped out after about 6 weeks. I’m hoping that since I’m using it as an adjunct to my Cymbalta, that the 2 might just be what I need. Here’s hoping!!


FIngers crossed for you Kelley!

All the best with it Kelley.