Triggers, on and off symptoms

Hi all,
Anyone feel like apples might be a trigger for you? Is that even possible? I swear if eat an apple 1-2 days later I feel the rocking/swaying more. I cut them out and think that I feel better without them. But I have eaten an apple a few times thinking it’s not a trigger, and then 1-2 days later the rocking/swaying gets worse. It’s so hard to say though, my symptoms wax and wane. I don’t know what to blame! The only thing I know for sure is that hormones are a trigger. past that I’m still trying to figure it out. I got the flu shot on thursday because I work in health care and we have to or else wear a mask for 5 months… which is crap to me. I did it last year before my dizziness flared up and had no issues with it. This time I don’t think I feel worse, but i swear sometimes when I worry about it getting worse it will and i don’t know what to blame.

Any of this make sense? sorry for rambling a bit, just trying to figure this stuff out. I still haven’t taken any meds because I keep hoping I will get back to where I was before (which was symptom free for a very long time). I hope it happens…

No, I am fine with apples, raw apples, stewed apples, apple crumble, apple pie, mmmmm

It could be something they are sprayed with, give them a thorough wash or peel them.

The flu shot would be a trigger for me, I avoid them. Hormones are always a big trigger for women.

Its really difficult trying to work out triggers, I kept a diary for years before things started to show up.


Apples do trigger my dizziness. I was eating an apple a day and noticed my dizziness increased. Apple cider vinegar is made out of apples so I think there is a chemical component in apples that triggers migraines in some people. I make sure and eat organic but they do increase my dizziness.


Hi Guys,
Thanks for the replies. Katie- yes, I think the apples may be a trigger for me. Not 100% sure, but every time I go back to eating apples, I feel like 1-2 days later I am more dizzy. I’m cutting them out for good now.

As far as the flu shot goes, I have to get it because I am in healthcare. I hope it’s not the reason for my flare. I kinda felt more dizzy when I woke up that morning before I got the flu shot. So i don’t know that I can blame it on that. Who knows… I hate this stuff. :expressionless:

Apple’s are not a trigger for me but I know someone that is triggered by Apple’s in a very bad way.

The flu shot brings up an interesting question as it contains an inactivated virus. I will have to look into this further and post. My symptoms have recently worsened and I received the flu vaccine recently. So now I am intrigued

I will report back my findings and will also post this in GD to see if anyone else has had a reaction to the flu vaccine.


From what I have learned, many people have reactions to the flu vaccine. It has never triggered my symptoms but it has for many MAVers.