Question about triggers.
When someone has a said trigger, do you have symptoms of a headache or such right away, or soon after…?
I guess another reason im not sure if im suffering from a migraine or not. Because I have what I call head pain.
Its in the back of my head on the right side. My trigger per se is more muscular, like I cannot have a massage… it gives me a headache as soon
as I stand up. Or if I turn my head a certain way. Im not sure if my head is hurting, then I will turn it a certain way and yep there it is.
But I tried not eating certain things, coffee then had them again and no difference. Sometimes my pain gets worse, and its usually from something at night. Like I had a bad dream the other night, I was crying in my sleep and clenching pretty hard and woke up and my head hurt bad for 2 days. Or if Im really upset/stressed out. Better when I lay down though, and not sensitive to light. To sound though at times. But Im sure thats with most headaches.

So triggers… are they right away??


I’m having a hard time figuring out triggers since I have symptoms all the time. One trigger may be hormones as I seem to go even more downhill about 10 days before my time of the month. I’ve been on the diet for the most part so I don’t know about food. Possibly stress may be a trigger. It is hard to tell.