Triptans with snri drugs?

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to ask if anyone of you have ever taken Triptan while being on an antidepressant? if so how was your experience?
I was prescribed both by my doctor and he told me because I’m such low dose of Effexor he didn’t think it would be a problem to take both, though FDA say you shouldn’t…

Please let me know your thoughts.



Hi Emma, I’ve never taken the two together but just did a quick search about it which I am sure you have also done. I personally would not take both at the same time, however, I must say I am also med phobic and worry a lot about side effects and interactions. I’m afraid of any new drug. If a doctor says he doesn’t “think” it would be a problem, well, that just wouldn’t be enough reassurance for me.

If you are comfortable about taking them and aren’t a big worrier then this may be okay for you, you just have to be aware of any reactions you are having. Many people have probably taken them without a problem.