Trying 1st MAV meds

MAV symptoms began three years ago at age 49. No previous signs/symptoms. For two years, vertigo would come & go. Over past year, they are 24/7. Because I was experiencing some anxiety over being unable to think clearly, multi-task, etc. (mainly at work), my doctor prescribed Propranolol 80 mg. I seem to “think” a bit better but my vertigo is worse. Anyone use Propranolol and can vouch that this will go away once my body acclimates to it? BTW, this is my first post so be gentle!

I tried Propranolol for 5 weeks, and I started with 80mg. I had absolutely no side effects, I didnt even get tired while exercising. But it did nothing for my imbalance because I dont have MAV afterall…

Thanks Darren. Kinda frustrating when meds actually make symptoms worse but goes to show us that God made us all different!

@Darren: did they ever figure out what you have?

@Sgilliss: I’ve been on Propranolol since July… started at 10mg and titrated up and down a few times until we found the right dosage. Right now I’m only at 20mg… it was working for a while but I need to talk to my doc about upping it cos I’ve started to feel more “MAV-y” than usual lately. With that being said, when I first started the medicine, I felt a bit worse too… and found the same would happen each time I titrated up to a new dosage. When i first started taking it my doc said it would take 2 weeks for me to see any effect. Well I don’t know if it was psychosomatic or what but around the 2 week mark I started feeling better. She also said it takes 3 months for the medicine to really work… something about it being in your body at a consistent level. I will be hitting the 3 month mark at the end of this month. As far as the migraine headaches/sore spots on my skull/neck pain all of that is disappeared thankfully… The dizziness varies but overall I’m doing much better than when it began. I had a lot of anxiety issues too (with MAV only making it worse!) and found this medicine to help with that. I believe it is also prescribed for people who have stage fright etc.

Good luck to you! Keep us updated on your progress!

Suki, thanks for sharing your experience. Sounds like maybe starting at 80 mg might have been too aggressive. I hate to abort since I do “feel” better other than the spins. I’m hoping that the extreme vert symptoms might subside in the next few days & I can get back to work on Monday…BTW, didn’t I read on one of your posts, you’re getting married soon? Maybe not, this MAV crap really has bashed my memory as well!

And yes Darren, if not MAV, whatcha got?

Hi friends,

I saw my Otologist today and we agreed that I have a Perilymph Fistula. This is caused by a ruptured round window or oval window membrane. Her and I also agreed that my symptoms and history do not sound anything like MAV.

As a side note, she said she thinks Propranolol is not very good at treating MAV. She said that her personal favorites are Verapamil, Nortriptyline, and Topamax.

Darren - Sorry to hear about that… but I am sure you are relieved to finally have some answers and now (fingers crossed) a successful treatment plan

Sgilliss, How are you feeling now? I have to go back to the doctor for sure cos the 20mg of inderal is definitely not enough for me anymore. Have to up my dose or find anew drug. And your memory serves you correctly… I did get married back in the beginning of September!! I was so worried about how I’d survive the wedding day, dance, and be “normal”, well wouldn’t you know it… I was fine! I wasn’t dizzy or migraine-y and I was even able to throw back a few cocktails! Of course a week later I ended up with a bout of BPPV but thankfully my wedding weekend I was perfectly fine!

Suki, hope the med adjustment works out well for you. happy to hear that your MAV cooperated on your wedding day. Tough to enjoy if everything is swirling about!