Trying to work out how I recovered last time

Hi All

I’ve been re reading all my posts on another board to work out how/ what my trajectory was to getting better last time.

It seems that I gradually improved on my own and I would have periods of feeling 90/ 90% a lot of the time after the first 9 months of being dizzy. I then added in Pizotifen and I seemed to improve even more. The only thing is I started a dose of Cipramil 2 months after initially being dizzy as I was feeling depressed, and I’m just curious as to whether this long term SSRI treatment was the actual cause of my recovery? Maybe it was my mindset, as for the 1st year I thought I had VN, and I beleived you naturally got better. I guess looking at all this is a waste of time, but I kind feel like following my original pattern to recovery. Just staying on a SSRI…maybe I will try it out if Pizotifen fails again.

I will have had my ‘relapse’ for 2 years in April, and in that time I have had better periods (in 09), but by no means has there been a constant improvement over time.



Hi Luke

I found this site from a meniere’s forum. I had been Dx’d with hydrops from an oto-neurologist. I tried all the drugs and diet for it, as well as lifestyle changes. I gradually started feeling better. I was about at 80%, and able to return to work briefly. After a few weeks being back at work I crashed. Eventually I gave up on the hydrops treatment, as did my doc.
Of course now I’m still trying to figure out why I had felt so much better…was it going to happen regardless of what I was doing? Was it my Rx’s, or strict diet? I’m going over what I was taking, eating, doing, and considering retrying past trials.

I completely relate to your quest for answers from the past. I hope you continue to keep us posted on how this is going and how you’re doing.


Luke, don’t go there is my advice. Unfortunately, how hard we even try, there is no “aha” moment for most of us. I’m telling you this mystery is one we cannot solve ourselves. If you really want to ponder on the past, do it with the help of a neurologist (maybe Hain?).
Wishing all the best for ya.

I couldn’t agree more with what you wrote, especially with our condition. As we know, MAV is a dynamic illness, hence the reason why our brains don’t compensate on their own and need to be stabilized whether it be by diet, lifestyle, medication, or a combination of all three. With that in mind, our brains may not respond in the same way to the same things that worked for us in the past.

Luke, keep going forward. You will find something that works… maybe a blast from the past or maybe something new…