Tryptophan dosage

Hello all,

I’ve had these MAV like issues for about 14 years now. I’ve seen every doctor imaginable and all test come back normal. Dr. Hain has looked over my testing and did a phone consult and said I most likely have MAV. I just recently did a spinal tap which was normal also.

Anyway, I’m currently on topamax and I don’t think it is making much of an impact. I’m trialing tryptophan and was wondering what dosage is the recommended dose for migraine prevention. Any thoughts?

Other meds I’ve tried without success:

I’ve also tried the migraine diet and didn’t really notice any difference. I feel so hopeless.

My symptoms are:
24x7 dizziness
head ‘heaviness’
motion sensitivity
ear fullness
no hearing loss really
brain fog

I am not sure that Trytophan is used as a migraine preventative, but since it is helpful in creating serotonin, I would say it’s a possibility. In that case, you might at well try 5HTP which is the next step that your body makes, and one step closer to being utilized for serotonin. I take it at 100mg nightly. Started at 25, then 50 and then 100mg. I am not sure that it’s doing much, but I have it in my aresenal, and since I’m pretty much 95% better, I don’t plan to make any changes.
Did you get any relief at all from any of those meds?
What about from benzos? Have you tried Valium or Klonopin?
Do you take multi B vitamins? Magnesium?


Not any relief from the meds I’ve tried thus far.

I was on Klonopin for a couple of years and it made me a zombie. It did help some though.

I’ve tried vitamins and magnesium, etc. but no luck.


I’m sorry you are having such a struggle with it. How much klonopin were you taking?

sorry i dont have an answer…i use to take triptophan when i had trouble sleeping, it worked VERY well. But now i cant find it anywhere. maybe its not available in canada anymore…i dunno…
I tried googling it , not much info, but they suggest taking “Feverfew”

also this…

i have been looking into 5HTP , wondering if i should take it during the day? i have the 50mg tabs.

i hope you get some relief …we are all on the same boat. :frowning:

tekksan -

Just curious about how high you went dose-wise on Topamax? I had to go to 200 mg to get the best symptom control, but had to back down to 150 because of side effects. I don’t get perfect symptom control, but it’s very good where I’m at.

i just read that article (at the bottom) & it says to take B6 the same day as when u take the 5HTP.