Two steps forward and two steps back

This past week I have had HORRIBLE MAV - anxiety, the dizzies, tinnitus, you name it. All because of workplace stress!! (see my post below). I was doing SO well. My MAV was controlled, I was happy, managing what I did get with ease, I even managed to go to an outdoor U2 concert and then all of a sudden…BAM! The stress and anxiety was more than I could bear and I get slammed! Right now I am at work, just spent the last 15 minutes sitting in the toilet trying to control the rocking sensation. I dont want them to know I’m back to square one just like I was in February when I had to go on disability. More ammunition for them to let me go.

I HATE THIS DISEASE! I am frustrated, depressed, and just plain sick and tired of all med trials - try this, try that, nope, that didnt work, so back again to something different.

Sorry for my vent but you’re the only folks that understand…AAAAAGGG!!!

As you well know by now, the ebb and flow if this stuff. Scott was going through a bad spell too when he started a new job. I really think the anxiety gets ramped up and then the MAV comes crashing down. I do think it helps to have a medication to help raise your threshold. I am not sure if you are still taking anything, but it’s so worth it to get it under control and really be able to work through the maze of life without these hugs downs…Please know it will get better, and once that happens, this will be just a memory…
Hang in there!