Two types of attacks?


Do people experience more than one ‘kind’ of attack? There seems to be two kinds for me:

  1. Major attacks that leave you having to stay still in bed, staring at the wall with major motion intolerance, pulsing head.

  2. Minor attacks that give you brief feelings of vertigo and sometimes feels like fluid is moving.

I seem to have the big attacks under control at the moment, but very occasionally still get the minor attacks and they are sometimes in clusters.

I sort of feel like the minor attacks may be major attacks being reduced by the migraine meds, or they may be two different kinds.



I’ve been lucky (so far?) in that I’ve really only had the second type of attack. On bad days I’ll feel more nauseous or have more flu-like symptoms, but really the lightheadedness/dizziness has been only like the second type you’ve described. I’ve been obsessed and fearful of the eventuality of having the first type of attack, but I’m starting the Heal Your Headache diet this week and hopefully that’ll get things more under control and avoid that happening.

Your theory makes sense to me. From what I’ve seen described, the symptoms of the two types of attacks are really similar or are entirely the same, it’s just the intensity level that changes. Does that seem more or less accurate? If you have the big ones under control and only occasionally get the minor ones, it sounds like you’ve found something(s) that works really well for you!