UCLA appointment with Dr. Gail Ishiyama & our of pocket expenses

Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a good day! I have an appointment coming up in just a little over a week at UCLA. I have two questions: has anyone been treated by Dr. Gail Ishiyama , if so, did you get any relief? If you paid out of pocket, how much was your initial consultation?
I am flying from Las Vegas, as I do not drive at the moment. My insurance will only kick in after I have met my deductible of $2000 out of pocket. I called the office for neurology UCLA to determine out-of-pocket cost, they are quoting between $900 and $1200 for my first appointment. Is it worth it? I’ve waited over 3 months to get this appointment. As we all know, we would do anything to get our quality of life back. I just want to build my confidence in my choice to go. If anyone has any experience with this, please respond. Thank you in advance!

Do not spend that kind of money. No doc has a magic pill. Dr.Ishiyama has a imaging protocol which will help rule out all Meniere’s flavors. As for managing VM if that happens to be your diagnosis find a neuro-otologist who is supportive of med trials. This will be the beginning of a long friendship with the neuro-oto as far as i can tell from folks with VM.

Go over this link for overall VM management


Hi @Dizzyexplorer and welcome to mvertigo! Seems you already have your diagnosis and are being medically treated, what are you hoping to gain by going to Dr Ishiyama? I have not heard of her, but I am relatively new to MAV. After researching her, do you find hope that she can further your recovery? I would have given my entire life savings for a firm diagnosis and care for the past year. I found both with my doctor (thank God!).
So, I guess what I’m saying is that if you feel confident she can provide the relief you desperately need… go for it!
The old saying “health is wealth” has never been truer to me as when I was struck with MAV.
Best wishes!!!

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Thank you!I’m being treated by a traditional migraine specialist, not a vestibular specialist or a neurologist with Neurotology experience. I’m hoping since she works at the place the infamous Dr. Baloh does, that she has access to the same protocol he does. I find hope in that she knows what she’s talking about. I would really just like to know what I can do to help myself.

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I hope she holds some answers for you! I am going to an amazing otolaryngologist who I trust completely to do what’s right for me. Placing faith in someone after the hell we’ve all been through is difficult to say the least. If I lived in your part of the country I’d try to see Carol Foster in Denver. I imagine she is incredibly difficult an appt with since she’s one of the best the country has to offer. Here is a good article where Carol Foster is quoted often along with Dr Goebel whom is my Dr. Hope you find the answers you are looking for, that’s half the battle!

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Thank you for your kind words Naejohn, I truly appreciate it. I’ve been to a good number of misinformed doctors throughout the years. If anything, I’d like to pick her brain. I do see Carol Fosters name pop up a ton when I’m doing research. I’ll read that link when I get a chance today! I’m so glad you’ve found a dr that is helping you. I hope you progress even further. :blush:

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I saw Baloh about 14 yrs ago when I first started on this journey.While he was a nice man, he did not do much of an examination. He diagnosed me with MAV. At the time, he did not treat patients; only diagnosed them. MY dx was MAV. I followed up with a neurolgist who did her residency under Baloh and she laughed upon seeing my dx stating that he diagnosed everyone with MAV!! I have always questioned that dx as I am not photophobic, but rather have trouble in dim light which would suggest a vestibular problem.


Thank you for your input! I’m hoping, if anything to be pointed in the right direction if that’s not my final destination. How are you now and where are you being treated?

I noticed the post about Carol Foster. For some reason, she would be my choice. Sometimes, these big institutions get stuck in a pattern and don’t listen to the patient. I realize that this is a very difficult condition to dx as the diagnostic tools are so limited. It is a process of elimination.

Fortunately, I have periods of remission where I am 90% normal, but since last May, I have had acute symptoms. My husband was unexpectedly dx with stage 4 bladder cancer in Dec 2017, and all though his treatment, I was fine. I was strong because I had to be. Almost right after he went into remission, my symptoms went through the roof. Almost like PTSD. It really makes me wonder if stress if the biggest component for ME. I am not suggesting this is the case for everyone. I started deep diaphragmatic breathing, yoga and meditiation. It all seems to help. I have been getting botox injections since 2010.
I hope you find the right path. Do you have a dizzy clinic in Las Vegas? I have been thinking of going to one as I want to get a dx that is not so subjective. Did you ever see the story on VEDA about Mark Cuban? Mark Cuban's Dizzying Experience | Vestibular Disorders Association

I am treated at the Headache Center of Southern California.

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I know stress takes a toll on me too. I try my best to stay positive and remain hopeful, knowing that it could be worse. It’s good to hear that his cancer is in remission! I can only imagine how difficult that has been for both of you. There’s no dizzy clinic here that I can find. Thank you for that link. Besides deep breathing, what other alternatives help you?

Yes, It certainly could be worse. When I read some of the posts on this blog, I always tell myself, I am not so bad off!
I do yoga, meditation, and follow a plant based diet. I just signed up for the Seeking Balance Program. I hope I did not waste my money, but I contacted on of her “recovery” clients who had similar symptoms to mine and she is 90% improved in 3 months after suffering on and off for 18 years, almost half her life!!

I also have an ayurvedic MD as my primary care doc.

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@urbangardens welcome back and thanks for the interesting comments.

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I tried a plant based diet for about 9 months, I didn’t really notice a difference. What difference do you notice and how long have you been on it? It’s always a glimmer of hope when we find people who’ve had success with the same symptoms we’re fighting! I do hope it help you. What exactly does the program involve?

Can you please keep us posted on how you do with that program? I recently came across it but havent gotten to fully look into it as I’ve had too many new spinning episodes. Thanks!