Ugh - in hindsight

So I’m tapering off the nori (was at 50 mg) to start on propranolol as per neuro. I was doing about 75% on the nori - dizzies pretty much gone - just the occasional spin at hormonol times. He figured we could do better. I’m now on 10mg of the nori, due to start the propranolol this Friday with a gradual increase to 80mg, and my dizzies and other symptoms are horrible right now! Ears ringing like crazy, feel fuzzy headed, irritable, etc. In hindsight maybe I should have stayed on the nori - at least I was functional most of the time. I’m NOT impressed. How do you guys get through the med changes? This is awful!

Hm, your improvement sounded pretty darn good to me, so I am not really sure why he has changed you over.

But try to stay positive, maybe the propranolol will work even better for you :smiley: , and sort out the dizzies at all times of the month! Besides, you’ve always got the nori in reserve in case other meds don’t work so well for you.

I was still getting daily aura (numbness, tingling, fatigue, neck/head pain) just less dizzy and ear ringing, so he figured we should try something else. Dont know!!!

I started Propranolol 2 weeks ago at 30 mg and am going to try and titrate up to 60 mg. I am also on Venlafaxine (Effexor) at 56.25 mg currently. I haven’t noticed any change in the dizziness part yet, but a little relief from head pain.

Let me know how you do with the Propranolol. I hope it works for you.

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Did you have any side effects when you started the Propranolol?

I noticed it made me sleepy, so I take it a few hours before I go to bed. I also feel like my blood pressure is lower and am going to monitor that. I’m wondering though if I take it during the day if it would help the dizziness in the car at all. The effects of the Propanolol might be gone during the day when taking it at night. I might just give it a try during the day sometime to see the difference.

When are you going to take yours?


Both the neuro and pharmacist said to take it before bed at first. So I’m doing 1 20mg for one week before bed, then 20mg twice a day for one week, then 40mg twice a day. Pharmacist said I might feel lightheaded at first so to watch how I get up but my body should adjust fairly quickly. He said 80mg isnt a high dose, the most commonly used for migraine preventative. I hope this is the winner!

Good luck. I really hope it works for you. Try and update when you can.

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I just don’t know why he didn’t add the propranolol to the Nori?
Seems like senseless sufferering to me…are you sure you don’t want to continue on the nori?