UK media request

Hi All,

Rhianon is looking for some case studies from the UK who would be interested in sharing their stories. She is a freelance health journalist interested in dizzy disorders and has a link to her profile on the UK’s NUJ Freelance Directory for those who wish to follow up with her. It’s great to have the MAV story put out there to the public to increase awareness. I’ll let her follow on below.

Thanks Rhianon.

Scott 8)

Thanks Scott and hi everyone

First of all, sorry for the delay… suffice to say I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks, so had to put this on hold temporarily, but am now fully back on the case!

As Scott says, I’m a UK-based freelance journalist specialising in health issues, who is currently researching an article on MAV. I first got interested in dizziness disorders after writing about vestibular neuritis for a British women’s magazine, Healthy, and was interested to learn in the course of my research that MAV can be a very common cause of dizziness, although it is often misdiagnosed.

I’d be looking to pitch this article to UK-based magazines and/or newspapers, so I’m looking for UK-based case studies (though you don’t have to be British). If you’d be interested in potentially sharing your story, please drop me an email at All I need at this stage is:

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Where you come from/where you live (ie city/area)
  • A very brief summary of your dizziness story

I look forward to hearing from you!


PS If you want to check out my credentials, you can see my profile on the NUJ freelance directory here: