UK neurologists

Is there anyone who can give me info on UK specialists who have extensive treatment experience for MAV?

I saw Professor Bronstien at Imperial College (Based at Charing Cross Hosp) in their Neurotology Clinic
I beleive Queens Sqaure has a good service as well

Thx so much for the info…will follow up.

Hi Keith

I know some UK people on the forum have used these two doctors with good results: Dr Nicholas Silver, Liverpool and Dr Surenthiran, London area. … p_id=45132 … r_nick.asp


Thx for info

I am seen at Queen’s Square. They have a good neurotology department, but am now seen in neurology and am not as keen. If you want a neuro otology department then I’d suggest Dr Rosalyn Davies at Queen’s Square. If you are looking for a neurologist with a speciality in MAV, I’d go with Silver if you have the option as he’s very knowledgeable, really gets it and have heard great things from the people he treats. . I’ve also heard good things about Surenthiran, don’t know if he’s a neurologist or neurotologist.


Ihave heard good things about Bronstein re MAV…he is in London which would be easier for me as I live in deepest, darkest Cornwall.