Uncontrollable laghter? confused

Hi Every one,
I was wondering If any one has ever had laghing fit’s that last many minutes, it sounds fun , but for me it isnt.
I dont take phycotropic drugs! :shock:
This happens for around four minutes and is painfull and can cause me to tear up.
could this be another symptom of migraine?

Dont know if there is a connection to MAV, but that is me. It doesnt happen that often, but when it does, I am on my back with my legs in the air, clutching my stomach in pain as the tears run down my face, and it goes on and on :lol:

Embarassing when it happened at a funeral :oops:


Hi Jen,

No, can’t say I have that problem - at least not unless something is really really funny and the whole room is in stitches. My Dad did go through a patch of it though after the doc put him on a pharmacy full of drugs, it was pretty spontaneous and once he started he couldn’t stop for ages, tears and everything. We all put it down to the medication. How long has this been going on for?, does it tie in with starting any medications?


once in a blue moon but i love the feeling because i’m sad a lot - i would love to have something make me laugh like that sometimes movies or tv shows do that.


enjoy it if you can :slight_smile:

Hi Jen,

Those are the sorts of side effects I like! How about more hair on our male heads and a mojo clicking over at 120%? :lol:

Hi all,
it sounds fun, but when it’s over something not so funny it’s feels quite Psychotic :wink:
My whole family started cracking up too , but they stopped and I couldnt.
It happens about once a month and has been getting more regular for the past couple of months.
I’ve always had some weird ass symptoms, perseption issues ( alice in wonderland syndrome) ect, so I wondered if it could be coming from my migraine.
They say it’s good to laugh , so I supose I’ll just have to go with it.

I dont think it’s tide in to any new meds though.
crazy this Morphing Mav.

thanks guys

I just read similar post from someone on webutrin… Posted on crazymeds forum. Guess it happens!!