Unfortunate set-back?

Hi guys, thought I’d share this considering I’m a bit freaked about it. I was at my haunted attraction yesterday fixing panels due to the wind when a wall fell on me and hit me in the head and pinned me to the ground. I never blacked out but I saw stars. I immediately became “transiently” dizzy but it subsided somewhat. Thereafter, I only get very moderately dizzy when moving, but I am ok when sitting still. I was diagnosed with a mild concussion and no bleeding shown on CT scan. They sent me home to be woken up every 2 hrs last night. All went fine, but today, I notice I feel a bit “off”, slightly nauseous, and a bit dizzy (NOTHING compared to my dizzy days before topamax but it’s concerning), and I just hope that blow to the head didn’t just set me off to a point that I am going to have to “deal” with this, and that it won’t subside. It’s not HORRIBLE, but I am getting a bit nauseous with motion, and transient dizziness with head motion. I guess that’s all normal with concussion but since the symptoms are SO close to MAV, it just erks me in the back of my mind. Thought I’d share that. I hope I get better soon


Really sorry to hear this Rich. When you were doing so well and all. Obviously a bit of vigilance is needed for a few days then I trust you’ll be right back to where you were before it happened. Bound to have a bit of a knock on effect I would have thought but hopefully the nausea and dizziness are a time limiting reaction. I’m sure folk even without MAV would be feeling as you do but of course that’s really no consolation or reassurance. Your worries are perfectly natural and understandable and I hope you feel better real soon. Take care.


I have a good feeling that anyone dealing with a concussion would be experiencing your symptoms. I can certainly, though, understand your concern. please let us know how things are. wishing you well.

Hey Rich,
Sorry to hear about your post-concussive symptoms. Based on my clinical experience with people who experience minor concussions without any evidence of bleeding in the brain, I suspect your dizzy symptoms will go away in a short amount of time.

Take it easy and don’t push yourself. Keep us posted of course.

All the best,

Hi Rich,

Very sorry to hear about your concussion setback. I’m certainly no doctor but i would be willing to bet things will return to a sense of normalcy in a few days or weeks. This accident just happened so you must give it some time to heal. I truly believe your going to be fine…and Topamax will continue to be your life-saver. Please keep us posted.

Best of Luck,


Hey Rich,

Sorry to hear about getting whacked on the head like this. Not good. As the others have all said, I think you’ll be fine again in a few days once things heal up. Try not to worry much about the MAV. Geez, MAV really is like an evil ghost from hell that we all fear coming into our lives again. Talk about post traumatic stress eh?

Hang in there … Scott 8)

I think we all have a level of post traumatic stress and anxiety about this MAV crap. Once we get to feeling somewhat normal our biggest fear is that it will come back at any moment and that ruins our ability to enjoy the good days.

Thanks for the responses everyone. I am happy to report that after several days of trying to get over the concussion, I am back!! It was scary for a few days but those were definitely not MAV symptoms, they were concussion symptoms. The scary thing is, some of them FELT very similar. I guess that’s just how bad MAV affects the brain. I would call the hospital back and they would say just give it a few days and you will feel normal again. One day I woke up and WHAM! Everything was normal again. They were right. I guess that’s how concussion works. I just heard a few people got “knocked” either INTO mav for the first time or back into it so I got very nervous. Fortunately I am ok. Thanks for the support!


I’m so glad to hear it!
Yeah :smiley:

Good to hear Rich!! Wheew…what a roller coaster ride. Hope your haunted house is a big success! Happy Halloween :slight_smile:

So glad to hear you are back on track! Happy Halloween:-)

so great!

Great news Rich!

Good news Rich! Wouldn’t it be great if the reverse were true? Imagine if this knock on the head switched the migraine process off? We’d all be lining up for concussions!


I often think a good bump on the head would do me the world of good - knock some sense into me (and knock some of the dumb stuff out). :lol: Wonder if I’d need a prescription though…

Hi all,
I don’t know how many of you know this, but a head injury caused my MAV… so don’t go out there bumping your heads! :lol:


Hi Lisa (MVNY), if life were more like the movies all you’d need would be a SECOND bump on the head, to counteract the effects of the first bump. :lol: See, it’s scientific.