Unsteadiness and objects moving in vision

Hi Guys,

I have posted enough on this forum to know theres others with these horrible symptoms aswell but just looking for a bit of reassurance really.

Basically, for the past week I have been suffering much more intensely with the feeling that I am imbalanced. For instance, when standing still I really feel the rocking sensation like the ground is moving below me. I also sometimes get the fleeting feeling like the ground is being pulled from underneath me, like a carpet being pulled from underneath you… that is horrible!

I am not sure if my vision then perceives the environment as moving also, because of the fact I am internally sensing movement, but I get the intense feeling like the landscape and objects around me are moving slightly also. This really does provoke an anxiety response which I am finding hard to control.

You would think having had this crap for over a year now, that I would be used to it… I go through phases where I cope better, but this past week has been one of my worst for sure…

I am seeing Dr Silver at the end of the month, but prior to seeing him I have already adopted his lifestyle measures e.g. regular sleep pattern / no caffeine / no chocolate / regular meal times and keeping hydrated with lots of water.

This hasnt had a positive effect as yet but have only been doing it since Saturday… heres to hoping for better times ahead!

I’m so sorry, Richy. I empathize deeply as I share in those symptoms, especially what you describe when stand. I don’t see how a person can adapt more overtime if their symptoms aren’t resolving. I surely didn’t. On a brighter note, I am finally having some relief from these symptoms. I hope that you will have the same this year. you deserve it very much

Hi Richy, I think you and I are quite similar with regards to anxiety!!( I am probably a million times more anxious to be honest!! )

As you know I am a patient of Dr.Silver’s, he is extremely thorough, he will fire questions at you which are a little tricky to answer and may leave you thinking that you may not have answered them correctly, but he will make you feel better and more hopeful.

After my first session with him I had complete faith in him. He discusses all the different options and gives you the feeling that there is hope, that this stupid condition can be controlled. I am under the weather at the moment and have some symptoms breaking through but I have got to say up until last week I was doing brilliantly. I am back in to see him on Thursday, trying to make sure I ask him all the questions I fret about!!

I am sorry that you have to contend with this but you really are going to be in expert hands. If anyone can help it’s him. Stick to his rules and you’ll be grand :slight_smile:

Kathy x x

Very sorry you’re having a rough time right now. I’m sure many of us have been where you are - I know I have - and we understand the struggle. Hang in there.

Hi Richy,

Sorry you’re still finding it all so disturbing. I have the balance thing too, much worse than in the early days, visuals worse too. I have got used to the weirdest things happening and no longer feel anxiety about it but I have had 3 years to get used to it.

Good luck with Dr Silver but why wasn’t the other Dr S right for you? I thought he was the man. I am still thinking of asking for a private referral to him as my NHS professor has abandoned me after very minor progress on pizotifen.

Will you be giving up alcohol this time?



sorry I haven’t got back to you until now.

I have decided to see Dr Silver for personal reasons really. I just don’t find that Dr Surenthiran’s methods are working for me, however I am sure he has helped a lot of people and certainly wouldn’t say he is not worth seeing. I think that is for every individual to decide :slight_smile:

I have got to the point now where I am a bit lost and I need to have total faith in my doctor. Having listened to Dr Silver’s various presentations and reading up on him through other peoples experiences I really feel like he may be the right person for me.

Thats a real shame they’ve given up on you just because Pizotifen isn’t working. What other meds have you tried?

I really think you have done amazing with this condition, especially in your job role. I can’t imagine having to stand for long periods of time in front of groups of people. I think I would lose my mind with the visual and imbalance issues!

I am giving up alcohol this time for sure. I think it may have hindered my recovery so far. For the temporary relief it provides from the anxiety and dizziness it really isn’t worth it in the long run I am sure.