Unsuccessful bulimoid attempt-a silly gotcha

As background, I find the migraine diet extremely helpful. I’ve experimented and learned, for instance, that I’m fine with many nuts and seeds. Whew. And that While I on a good day can have one small chocolate chip cookie, that’s my limit. Give me a handful of chocolate chips and I’ll be zapped within a few minutes. I’m fine with decaf coffee (or a sip of Kahlua), but haven’t chanced even a demitasse of the real stuff.

So this morning’s breakfast was oat cakes and decaf. I kept going on the decaf, though, as I typed some professional correspondence, and eventually I noticed that I’d gone overboard on the stuff. What to do? Well, for most of my life, if I knew that food disagreed with me, or I’d way overindulged, I’d simply go to the bathroom and bring it back up. Normally, but especially if my system wasn’t volunteering to do the deed, I’d drink a bunch of warm water, with some sodium bicarbonate to protect my teeth from my digestive fluids, and this would add the needed impetus.

I was going to do this, when I remembered that this offered an opportunity to indulge in some forbidden fruit. I took the remaining coffee, added a load of ovaltine–which is malt based–and on on top of that some dark cocoa. And I don’t mean cocoa mix.

Yum. It was as good as I remembered.

Okay, on to the bathroom, where I swigged somewhere between a cup and a pint of water with plenty of bicarb. Result? Nothing! I felt awfully full, but my stomach contents were content to stay where they were. I lay down, elevated my feet (tilting my torso) and still was fine. Took a nap a little later with my sweetheart, no ill effects.

Go figure.

Doesn’t mean I’m going to rethink exposing myself to caffeine and theobromine in quantity, but the temptation is there . . .

David, I have trouble with the chocolate chip cookies as well, not sure why, theres only small bits of chocolate in them, I haven’t read the other ingredients, must be something bad as I usually suffer the next day, like you, I can get away with one :frowning:
I was fine on decaf coffee but then started having the “real decaf stuff” when out having a meal and ran into a load of vertigo attacks that could only be traced back to the decaf coffee (7 in 5 months) so now I am learning to live without coffee completely :frowning:
I don’t think I could every make myself sick (I hate being sick) so I am sort of glad that didn’t work for you :?
I have overindulged in all the things I cant usually eat before now, and had no ill effects. I guess there were no other triggers around and you got away with it.
Mind you, I have thought that, then one or two days later the world rocks. I hope you escaped it all this time. Its nice to be naughty now and again :twisted: