Up and down feeling

I’m having dizziness or vertigo?im not sure if its dizziness or vertigo.Everytime i move my arms especially brushing my teeth and washing my body with soap im having this sensation it feel like my upper half of my body is bouncing up and down in every movement of my arms.not sure if its my upper half of my body (from head to the midline of my spinal column) or maybe a feeling like my brain is going up to the top of my skull and down to the bottom of my skull.I know you cant feel the brain but thats how i describe my sensation.and the weird thing is this even when i move my thighs while sitting down i get that up and down sensation.its like a spring that goes up and down.its hard to describe it feels like my body floats then drop in a smooth motion everytime i move my arms and legs.I’m having a stiff neck at the back for almost 3 months that maybe causes my pain behind my left eye.I’m also having a ringing in my ear maybe twice a week.I’m also having a head pressure while lying down.and palpitation while lying down i usually feel the palpitation in my tail bone part.palpitation behind my neck.and when i take a deep breathe while lying down my body shakes a little maybe because during inhalation i can feel my palpitation or heart beat…my main concern is the up and down dizziness.but i also included my other symptoms.Test done:xray,cbc,thyroid, cervical spine xray all normal.also thinking i have brain tumor because of the dizziness and head pressure while lying down.So far ive just went to retinologist and done funduscopy to see my eyes and behind my eyes and he doesnt seen any pressure or papilledema(sign of high intercranial pressure) anyone having this symptoms?is it just anxiety?blood related or what?thank you so much and God bless!

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Welcome. Stiff neck is a a sign of a compromised vestibular system. Ringing in the ears might be related.

If i were you i would approach an oto-neurologist for a diagnosis. If possible at a balance centre.

You think its brain tumor?

Very unlikely but they might want to perform an MRI to rule it out. Don’t stress about that, it’s just normal procedure.

Don’t speculate. See an oto-neuro and get a professional diagnosis.

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Hoping someone will answer too! With same symptoms

I get a lifty sensation throughout the day. I describe it kind of like a turbulence feeling. I get it when I’m walking mostly. It is a very strange feeling, but feels like my center of gravity is off, so I know it is related to my balance being off due to a disturbance of my vestibular system.

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Migs this is a support forum but we cannot diagnose here. Please see a professional and feel free to keep us updated.

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Yes ive went to neuro and different doctors :slight_smile: some of them said anxiety. I just want to feel good because im not the only one who experiencing these symptoms :slight_smile:

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What do you mean by lifty?mine i feel like my body floats and drop everytime i move my arms and legs

Neuro is not enough. You must see someone specialising in the vestibular system. If you are diagnosed with migraine then a neuro can take over your care.

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Anybody feeling the same?

You can see a list of ‘official’ and member reported symptoms here: Symptoms common to MAV & VM

I also recommend the use of the search function (magnifying glass, top-right) and you may see similarities with your condition.

Resist the temptation to self-diagnose by comparison with forum peers though. See a specialist.

I’d say mine is very similar, like a lift/float and drop sensation. It is not every time I walk, but it is a lot of the time. I did not have it when all of this started two years ago. I had things pretty under control and then had a relapse in March and I’ve had this symptom on and off every day since! It’s annoying.

I am new here, but have read this forum for several months and just have signed because of this post. I do feel the same feeling 24/7 up and downs. I am living with this since 2014. Jan 3rd. This forum is the only place online I have found to be really helpful. I have done xray, MRI, CT scan head, neck and many more health examinations but without any success. Now I am taking Venlafaxine, it gives just a small relief until a real solution will be found. My own feeling is that the problems with my spine is the main reason of my symptoms, I had a neck trauma 3 weeks before all this started. However there is no a visible proof of that.


Can you message me?

Can you message me? Please