Update and question re Dr S

Hi all

My GP has just contacted me in response to my recent letter to say that they will agree to refer me to Dr S on the NHS :smiley:

The timing is unbelievable because I had just booked an appt for Friday at the GP surgery to ask to try the next med on Dr Silver’s list - Topamax. Now they are referring me to Dr S on the NHS I will no longer be under Dr Silver so what do people think would be best… Should I keep on with the Nori and try to increase it again and then make an appt to see Dr S on the NHS and see if he tells me to add another med to the Nori? Has Dr S ever prescribed Topamax for anyone?

Advice appreciated x

Hi Jem.

That’s good news. I wouldn’t go on any other meds until you see Dr S.

I would try upping the nori by 10mg and try and ride it out for a week or so. Your body might get used to it

pizotifen made me really tired for about 1 and a half and then i was fine

Thanks Rob. I tried 40mg for 3.5 weeks over Xmas but realised I was feeling worse so I had to come down. I am on 35mg now but feel worse today but not totally sure if it’s the med or not. I will try to stay at 35mg for a bit longer though x

I would stay on Nori until you see Dr. S, as this will probably be his med of choice anyway. Try to ride out 35mg, you can consider increasing to 40mg, or staying at 35mg till you see Dr. S, its your choice.

Dr. S doesnt prescribe Topamax, he prefers Gabapentin or Lyrica if he goes that route.

Missmoss is on Topamax she is a patient of Dr S

I think some people were already on Topamax when they started seeing Dr S but I would be interested to hear from anyone who Dr S actually put on Topamax? x