Update and thanks for support

Hi! I’ve come back on here to read my posts from late Sept. (Sept. 21 to be exact). Shortly after that I started to get just a bit better each day–I had recently bumped up to 75 mg on Topamax after being told that it may not work for me since I had already used it for 8 weeks. I insisted on trying one more level. Anyway, I had 2 weeks of days where I felt 50-70% better, and really had very little debilitating vertigo. Started to feel like I might have my life back soon. Still struggled, but went out with friends again, walked to work, did errands, went to the supermarket, forgot I got dizzy sometimes. It was wonderful! This last week I’ve had a cold–and even this week hasn’t been too bad, until the last 2 days. Right now it’s back to worst it’s even been, but I am thinking this is only a setback.

Went back to Dr. Broner last week and we discussed going up to 100mg and so I am wondering if that’s an okay jump. For each of the other steps I went up by only 15 mg, and now I am going up from 75 to 100. Should I go more slowly, anyone with experience at this level? I am going to wait until this cold passes in hopes that I do feel a bit better first. The main reason we decided to go up is because I still struggle with the triggers that I can’t control like weather and allergies, and maybe I will get a bit more relief at an even higher level.

Hopeful that the 2 weeks weren’t a fluke and that this medication really will work for me. I’ve had periods of wellness before, but never for that long. Any thought on going up to 100mg from 75? I always suffer so much for 7-10 days when I go up!

I also want to say a big thanks to everyone here…this forum has big a huge support to me and your words mean so much!