Update following Nicholas Silver talk

Well I eventually got round to listening to the whole 1 hr 11 mins of the audio file last night. I’m really keen to know whether, 1 month later, anyone who’s managed to stick to his no caffeine no painkillers 3l water a day 8 hrs sleep etc regimen is feeling any different.

I’m quite careful re the caffeine thing but do take the odd cocodamol and don’t have regular sleep patterns. Also I realised I have chocolate powder sprinkled on my decaff cappuccino!

Would like to know what dr Silver thinks about clonazepam too. It helps my dizziness but I reckon it has started to give me horrendous rebound headaches - yesterday the pain was excruciating in my left ear, face, down neck and into shoulder.

So strictly zero caffeine and meds as of today and have already had 600ml water and it’s only 10am and keep needing loo!

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Dizzy Izzy

Hi Dizzyizzy,

This is a good post! I think we should let it run on its own …

Since listening to the talk some 6 weeks ago now I have not touched a single painkiller nor have I touched any caffeine despite having a cold as well 3 weeks back. While I’m in a not so good place right now because I’ve lowered Paxil, I can definitely say that I get fewer headaches than I did while taking painkillers. And when I do get a headache it burns itself out much more quickly. I can also get rid of them usually by either massaging around my neck and head or by doing some other sort of relaxation.

Today for example, we had the staff Christmas lunch. The food was very high quality but there were triggers in it – a light dressing which had vinegar happening and I also demolished two Christmas puddings complete with the plum sauce. I knew I would pay for it but thought to hell with it. So within 4 hours a massive headache hit and I hit the Thai massage place I go to frequently on the way home. I went for the 30 min foot and leg massage (safe being away from my head). I fell asleep at about the 15 min mark and woke up at 30 min with no more head pain. The rest of the night has been fine.

I’m consistently drinking much more water as well. Don’t know if it helps but maybe it’s another reason headaches are better. Neck pain is rarely a big hassle now.


Scott, are you still on the prothiaden, or did you give that up as a bad job?


wow glad you got some relief after the massive headache. So you cut down the paxil - did it give you bad side effects - you get headaches from the ADs don’t you? I feel bad for you and can relate to side effects from drugs. i hate taking stuff.

I too was wondering if you were on the Prot.

I hope you have a great day today.

I go to a chiropractor fairly regularly when i’m stressed and it helps some he massages my neck after he cracks it. I can’t afford massages really.

I’m really beginning to think my issues are menopause more than anything hope the celexa helps.

take care


Hi Christine – one dose of Prothiaden and I felt horrific. I had a seriously nasty headache from it the following day and couldn’t function well at work. I didn’t feel good at all and from my experience, the sort of head pain that occurred never lets up on drug trials. I can usually tell if it’s just a startup discomfort or full blown aggravation. It seemed like the latter. I slept well though!

Gosh Scott how awful so you quit right away after the first dose if i get a bad reaction i’m quitting too. i’m a wuss. i felt good today so it makes me wonder when i should start - got lots going on rest of weekend so gonna have to wait til next weekend i guess.

so what are you going to try next Scott?


Chris – don’t take my lead on these meds. We’re all different. I’ve never had luck on any drug that alters noradrenalin.

I’m going to see the specialist that someone here at work saw. I’m thinking about a shot of sodium valproate. She didn’t experience any side effects but who knows?



Be interested to know how you get on scott. My NHS neurologist wanted me to go on Sodium Valproate (with Topamax) so I ran away to a see a private neurologist to get something else prescribed. Would be interesting to see how someone quite sensitive to meds gets on with it - er sorry, just realised I’m saying yeah Scott, be my ginuea pig :evil:

As for the no caffeine etc as per Dr Silver, I’ve been sticking to it religiously for a while now and although I’m still a total dizzy case, the continuous horrendous neck pain/jaw pain/face pain/headaches that I was getting to begin with has settled right down. The difficulty when you’re trialling different drugs etc at the same time is knowing what to attribute the improvement to (and it does still traumatise me to think that I may be depriving myself of chocolate unecessarily!). I figure I’m going to stick with it until I get this condition under control and then I’ll try reintroducing caffeine (small amounts) and see what happens. If I get worse again then the caffeine goes for good.


I think it’s great that you trial another class of meds…the more I"m reading about the brain chemistry stuff, I am seeing that one med can aggrevate other brain circuitry…sometimes a combo in low dose will work best. My dr. says that people are doing really well on Lamictal…calms the brain as a whole I think…relatively few side effects besides some pesky rash that usually doesn’t pop up on low doses…

Helen-I gave up caffeine and chocolate and a host of other trigger foods, but I didn’t see one difference after 3 months…so I’m convinved that my stuff isn’t triggered via foods…even still, I try to limit red wine and sulfites…can’t give up my chocolate though…

Chris-whatever you do, dont judge yourself from other peoples’ reactions…especially Scott (sorry Scott) He really has crazy sensitivities to meds that even most of us migraineurs don’t have to that degree…he’s a bit of an anomoly, but that’s why we love him!! :lol:



im beginning to think mine is not food triggers either. I’ve been pretty much avoiding all of the really bad triggers for a while and i still get sick off and on. i’m super congested today so don’t know why - it’s a strange time of year for this.

I hate the idea of taking something that alters the brain chemistry also i wish there was something else i could take. I really do.

I have to wait until next weekend probably to start anything. can’t do it now. I may do just fine on it but i still don’t like the idea.

i wish they would come up with something else to help us all. I’m still not totally convinced i have maV yet. but then again i may have.


— Begin quote from ____

he’s a bit of an anomoly

— End quote

Ain’t that the truth! The only drug I think I’ve ever taken that didn’t create any SEs whatsoever is valium. Which I could shower and brush my teeth with it. :lol:

valium is the only benzo that i could tolerate but i’m trying not to take it too often lately since i’m not at work the past few days but had to take some yesterday cuz i felt pretty crappy and dizzy.

glad i’m not the only drug intolerant person around here!!!

i’m even herb sensitive and stuff too.

i take allergy meds but that’s about it except valium right now but that may have to change real soon :frowning: