Update - going off BCP

For the ladies:

I wrote a few months ago that I would be going off the birth control pill for a few reasons: one, to see if it helped with my MAV, and two, because soon we’re trying to have a baby.

I just wanted to say that I think that being off the pill has helped me a little with my MAV. Not a ton…I definitely still have MAV, especially with triggers like lights, motion and crowded places, but I still feel just a little bit better. The world seems a little more still…my rocking boat is on calmer waters, I could say. I still get panic attacks, but they’ve been a lot less frequent too. My MAV tends to come and go in waves, though (like I’ll feel ok for a couple months, then horrible for a couple months), so I won’t truly be able to tell until I’ve been off it for quite a while.

I don’t know if I would really feel better or worse during a particular part of my cycle, since I have polycystic ovarian syndrom (recently found out), and I haven’t even gotten my period since going off the pill three months ago. So sorry, I am no help there. I am on progesterone now to get it to come, and I seem to be doing ok with it so far…hasn’t even made me tired like the doctor said it would. But I still have another 1.5 weeks to go on it, so we’ll see. Anyone know if higher levels of progesterone are linked to MAV, since sometimes women have MAV worse during certain parts of their cycle?

Anyway, that’s my story. So if you are still on the pill, you might want to consider going off of it and seeing if it helps with your MAV. My face may be breaking out like a teenager right now, but I suppose it’s a small price to pay for feeling just a bit better. :slight_smile:

Hi Cassada,

I’ve had MAV both on and off the pill. Makes no difference for me. Have never noticed any changes during my cycle either. But we’re all unique MAV creatures :wink: .


Casandra: I was told the MAV is caused by fluctuating hormone levels so it didn’t matter if they were high or low just that the fluctuate (as mine do during the menopausal transition). Good luck.

I’m having a similar response! I went off BCP about a month ago and I immediately started feeling better. For almost 3 weeks I was nearly symptom-free. I’m still triggered by the grocery store and lots of motion, but its nowhere near what I felt like before going off. Incidentally, I’m feeling a little worse today, but I think its because I pushed my luck and had too much caffeine this week. I’m going to try knocking off the caffeine again and seeing if I can maintain my feeling good.

Good luck all! Oh, and what kind of BCP were you on for research sake? I was on Microgestin.

Melissa, I was on Ovcon 35. Actually, my MAV started only a couple months after I started the pill a few years ago, so maybe it was connected a bit (I tried a break once before and didn’t feel better, although I was also hyperthyroid at the time). That’s so great that it is working for you! Today hasn’t been so great for me either, but I think it’s because I started progesterone a few days ago to get my period (I havent had it in three months) and the increase in hormones is messing with me.