Update: I am about 70% better on Lexapro

After a year of suffering, I am now finally getting better. I was on Celexa for about a month (started at 5mg and went up an additional 5mg per week, till I got to 20mg and broke out in a rash). I was switched to Lexapro and have been taking a little over 5mg daily. I am tapering off the valium, I am down to roughly 1/4th of a 5mg pill (1.25 - 1.50 before bed only).

The improvements:
I can now close my eyes and stand on one foot for a long time, whereas before I would fall over immediately.
I don’t need to wear sunglasses all day.
I don’t notice the gradient of the sidewalk.
I can sit in a chair without the feeling that I am about to fall over.
I am not as dizzy during the day, and in fact I can go a whole day without thinking about my dizziness.
I can come home from work and play with my daughters without getting exhausted from trying to stay balanced.

Where I still need improvement:
I still feel like I am moving when I close my eyes at night.
I woke up the other night and felt like I was spinning for a few seconds, but when I stood up and turned on the light I was fine.
I am still easily made dizzy by weird camera angles on television and movies.
I have a “don’t care” attitude sometimes.

Side effects:
Slight weight loss of 2-3 pounds
Recurrent headache at right temple
Slight sexual side effects but can still perform and have libido

I am going to hold at this same dosage and see if it gets better with time, or otherwise I might go up. However, I am generally feeling pretty positive since I feel that there is a solution out there for me, I just need to find the right medicine.


Great news to hear you’ve achieved 70%. Baloh says if you achieve a 50% increase in feeling better you’re onto a good med. Clearly this one is doing the job nicely for you. Is the headache thing new? Both Cipramil and Lex gave me wicked headaches.

And weight LOSS is not a bad thing. The SSRIs are notorious for piling the pounds on!

Cheers … Scott

Awesome Doug! I hope it continues to improve toward 100%! Isn’t it incredible to feel relief when you’ve felt so crummy for so long? It’s amazing how you forget the feeling of ‘normal’ even after a few weeks of this garbage.


GREAT to hear you’re doing much better!!! When you say you’re 70% better, does that mean you were feeling about 25% and now you’re feeling about 95% overall? 100% being as you were before all this started obviously. I also noticed that you said you sometimes have an I don’t care attitude sometimes. Do you find yourself not getting a whole lot of excitement anymore about things that would normally get you excited, kinda like if the Bears won the superbowl, would you be like whatever that’s cool I guess?

P.S.- what is the vibe like around Chicago about the Bears right now? You guys will be playing us in a few weeks, that should be a good one.


Hi Doug,

That’s a really good improvement :slight_smile:

I thought I’d just mention that the things you are left with (in particular the feeling like you are moving at night, and being made dizzy easily by TV etc) are a couple of the main things I was left with after having a big improvement. The other remaining symptom was that I had problems with when I stopped travelling in a car, and I would feel like I was still moving for several minutes afterwards. But, these things did all eventually pretty much go away, just very slowly. I’ve always been someone that’s been made dizzy easily/felt nauseous with the weird camera angles, and although this got a lot worse with MAV, I think I’m just more sensitive to this kind of stuff, so I can’t see that ever being ok for me. Watching things in 3D also does the same for me.

Anyway, hopefully you will also find that your residual problems disappear with time. Good luck.

Wow - this is such great news!! And very encouraging. Can I ask how you/your dr decided on Celexa as a first choice (and then Lexapro after the you had the rash)? My neuro seems so hung up on effexor which I am really scared of… I am thinking that the verapamil is unfortunately not going to kill this for me… I am about 5 weeks into it and a few days at the increased dose of 180 ER. Planning to go up to 240 ER and possibly even 360 ER so we’ll see. I know I need to give it time…

Really glad to hear you are getting relief!!!


that is great news! how that percentage keeps moving up for you! i’m going to go the opposite route with already having tried lexapro and having a script for celexa. i just am not sure when i am going to start it…


thats great news. I have a script for nortriptyline…im a bit afraid to take it…new meds make me very nervous. But i cant go on like this, especially with x-mas coming. :?

— Begin quote from “ammaretto”


thats great news. I have a script for nortriptyline…im a bit afraid to take it…new meds make me very nervous. But i cant go on like this, especially with x-mas coming. :?

— End quote

I’m on Nori and I believe this med has 70% saved my life - GET IT DOWN YOUR NECK!! Any med you start is going to be nothing short of terrifying. But here’s what I do every night … I put the meds in the palm of my hand and I smile the biggest grin I can and say ‘you’re going to make me well, and now I’m going to eat you!’ … ok so I sound like a total crackpot but half the battle is your mental state of mind in tackling these meds.

You can do it. It wont be easy - hell, the Nori knocke me sideways for a good 3 weeks, but then ever so slowly… things started to change…

Longshort - my friend. Reading your post has made my day. Simple as that. I have a warm glow inside knowing that you are having some sort of relief. I’m sending you a virtual hug and keep up the good work.

Love The Mup

I am so happy for you. Isn’t it great to have your life back? I know you will continue to improve. Sounds like it is the right med for you!