Update on amitriptyline!

Hi guys
Well I’m on 10 mg of Ami and it’s taken away my daily headaches completely also the head heaviness seems better as well.
I haven’t had ANY side effects apart from grogginess in the morning but it soon wears off. As for the dizzies well I haven’t noticed much difference to be honest. I had an ear infection last week which sent me into vertigo hell for four days!
But I’m getting better again and my overall dizziness before and after that seems slightly milder and my head feels a bit clearer.
It’s a good medication with little side effects so worth a shot. I’m planning on upping the dosage in 2 weeks and maybe I will see more of an improvement at that stage.
So thats me.

See you later peeps xx

Hi Blondie,

Don’t think you’ve been here in a while but wondering how you’re doing on amitrip?


How is it working for you? I just started ami (25mg)…i have a few side effects, but gotta give it a chance.

I have been taking it for two months. I stayed on the initial dose (10 mg) for three weeks waiting for my system to adjust. Finally went up to 20 mg which lasted only a week. My biggest complaint is it turned my body into a furnance! I have enough trouble feeling warm (too much insulation) but the ami made it much, much worse. Also made me angry and depressed. Back to doing 10 mg until I see my Doc next week. I think I’ll go back to Gabapentin. Wish I could take the Notriptyline, just made my dizziness worse but helped everything else.

Hi wylee…i am cuttting my pills in half as i find the 25 mg WAY too strong. im also finding myself kind of depressed. Not sure if its related to the drug as im also in a stressful situation. :frowning:
I was on Nori for a few months…it helped the dizzies but i hated the “numb” way it made me feel.

good luck with the ami.

Sorry I havent been on in a while when Im feeling bad I tend to come back.

Scott the Ami was the best drug for me so far I dont find side effects to bad just nightmares at higher doses Im really surprised people struggle with it I find it quite mild to be honest. Im having a relapse again though so looking into other meds again :?

I’m equally the same when I’m having good spell I sometimes try pretend my MAV disorder doesn’t exist as constant anylising myself can sometimes bring it back. However I am on huge relapse at mo just started Ami 20mg a night. How long could I expect until I see results with dizzyness do you think ??? thanks

Hi Alex
For me it took a month I honestly love this medication but it gives me nightmares at higher doses, Im 36 weeks pregnant at the moment and on the lowest dose possible 10mg. You will get side effects prepare for it making you a bit more spaced out at first ,groggy and dry mouth this WILL go away within a few weeks.
I love my little pills but will be looking at other meds as soon as the baby is born as I feel I need something more but I think without amitriptyline I would of been way worse because for about 14 months I didnt take anything and it was hell until I took these . Good luck