Update on mav flareup/trying to be positive

Hi all,

I increased my verapamil twice since Jan. Unfortuantely, I have developed heart palpitations. I need to decrease, what a bummer. I had this happen once before but I wanted to try again anyways. So…Hain had hooked me up with his pa in Jan. He puts a lot of trust in her. She is absolutely wonderful and suffers from mav too. She gave me a pep talk yesterday. She says I can actually bring on my symptoms by obsessing over them. I knew I was doing this here and there. I will be 100%, then I will start actually looking for the symptoms and sure enough if I do it long enough, i can fell the ground drop real quick. She says a lot about positive thinking, which I have been having difficulty doing. My counselor told me the same thing. She said to focus on the positive things in my life…my healthy kids, my husband, my parents. She goes long periods without having symptoms. She doesn’t let mav stop her one bit. She said there will be “off days”, “sick days”, but then move on. She believes in the hormone connection in my case. I got this at 33, I am now 35, unfortunately this is the average peak. This is the third professional that has told me is is hormonal fluctuations causing this. I guess from what I have been told…a lot of women get this a year or two after the birth of their child, especially if they are in their mid thirties. I get down and think this is permanent but the reality is they are telling me it isn’t forever. Yes, i will always be a migrainer andhave sensitivities but the symptoms will change over the years. I need to hold on to this hope. I think this applies to some of you too. So…there is hope!!! I do not look forward to menopause though. Ugh.

I was also told that medicine alone shouldn’t be expected to get you to 100%, there will be break throughs no matter what especially if the perfect storm is created which I created…stress, no stress release, lack of sleep, bad diet. When i was doing everything right, life was sure a hell of a lot better. I understand stress is unavoidable but there are different ways one can deal with it. She meditates, etc.

I know I am an anxious person lately, well i actually always have been. I wake up 100%, then i start obsessing over mav and looking for symptoms. I am trying to surround my self with positive people, get back to a routine, meditate, and stay postive. It sounds a lot easier than it is, trust me. For instance, this morning, I awoke feeling shakey inside, nervous feelings in my limbs, etc. It didn’t stop till I got up. i stopped to think of what the first thought was on my mind and guess what…it was will i have mav symptoms today?

I was forwarded a list of symptoms from an anxiety center and there were testimonies from a lot of people who had unexplained vertigo and dizziness for years. I know I have mav symptoms but I am wondering If I am bringing them on and prolonging this flareup. Not all the time, but at times.

I was just wondering if any of you feel this way? I have been talking to someone who was on this forum a long time ago, has anxiety issues, is close to my age, was told the same thing i was from hain and she is doing great. She has helped me so much and has been there for me every step of the way. If it wasn’t for this forum , I never would have met her. I have met so many wonderful people. Scott, Timeless, you two have been here for me since the very beginning of this. Thanks.

So, to all of you…let’s hang on to hope even on those days which seem hopeless. Even for you men, i believe the symptoms will lessen and change over time. I need to accept that i have mav, keep the faith that it will lessen, try to focus on the good in life and not fear it so much. In the process, learn to overcome anxiety! sounds so easy, but is so hard to do.

Thanks for letting me think out loud and I hope all of you keep the faith and always have hope. I am tired of shedding tears daily over this.

God Bless you all,


Interesting theory about the hormones after a baby a few weeks after my 2nd I had a migraine with aura first time in five years and got vertigo episodes in both pregnancies , I think hormones play a huge roll in my symptoms .
The anxiety is a big part of my life aswell I wish it wasnt . My first attack of vertigo gave me panick attacks for a year even though I didnt have one again in that time but the anxiety did make me feel dizzy anyway.
I have a bit of a better hold on it that I used to ,at first I didnt know what was happening to me but its still there , I dont think it will ever go now.
The dizziness probably hopefully will go one day but the anxiety will always be there now anyway.
But I try to see the good in my life my kids and my husband and enjoy every day to the best i can , this will NEVER beat me !!
I hope I can look balk and say Ive been to hell and back but hey Im still here and Im grateful its made me look at my life and i dont stress over the small things anymore and I am grateful for every good day I have.
Dont worry Nancy , youve come so far and you will get over this Im sure xxx

Hi Nance,

Glad to hear you got positive feedback from Dr. Hain’s PA. I tend to think about my symptoms all the time, and could benefit from more postive thinking. It’s just difficult when you feel “off” all the time. The hormone theory seems to be true in many cases. I have been reading a book by Ann Louise Gittleman called “Before the Change”. She has some really good info. about getting your hormones back in balance naturally (without taking hormones). I figure it is worth a shot to try some of her suggestions since I have not had the best of luck with medication. Hang in there…I wish you and your family the best of health!!


Denise -

I think I will get that book. I have always had my period every 28 days on the dot. Since November, my last 4 periods have been off…24 days…31 days…24 days…
I think it is stress related. I think stress hormones affect estrogen , etc. causing this, I think anyways. What are some of the tips for regulating hormones natuarlly?




She calls her list of suggestions,“Peri-Zappers”. A few of her suggestions are Vitamin B-Complex and extra B6, C, E, and magnesium. She is also really big on Flaxseed Oil and/or Black Currant Oil to balance hormones. If all else fails, she gives some advice about natural progesterone/estriol cream. I don’t want to go that route yet, so I am sticking with the vitamins/minerals for now. Let me know if I can answer any other questions…hope this info. helps! :slight_smile: