Update on My Alternative Choice

If all you want is the bottom line, i’ll bold it at the bottom:

I’ve started my therapy of choice and am doing fine. I talked to one of the scientists yesterday to try to get some better answers than those that come with the brochures, which I told him were useless to other than the general public. He agreed. I also told him that you can’t find anything on this product other than the websites of distributors who sell the product and the information they put out are also filled with misinformation as far as science goes as well as tons of redundancies. He agreed. He told me that at top level meetings, they get good training. But then they have lower level meetings, and then meetings in their homes, and eventually the information gets so corrupted, that it’s worse than useless and it’s because the science is so high tech, and the people selling the product are not scientists. He can’t go around correcting every distributor because there are too many of them. All he can do is try to get his management to get distributors to attend more top level meetings.

Anyway, about the product. You won’t find anything scholarly about it on the web and that is by design. They have not patented it nor published their research because they don’t want pharmaceutical companies seeing what they are doing. And they don’t need to. They are selling it like crazy just by word of mouth - because it works! They will patent it when they need to, (when they are not selling it and need to market it the traditional way) or if their science quits making new inventions. (there is already a second generation of the product soon to be released). At that point, this guy (and this guy is no salesman, he was as geeky as they come) said the pharmaceutical companies will see what they are doing, start doing their own research, add their own things to it, which will corrupt their pure nutritional medicinal into some chemical which won’t work as well and will have SEs.

The other reason they have not patented it is because they want to keep the FDA out of it (always a good idea). Doctors are buying it and re-labeling it, if they choose.

**I purposely didn’t tell this guy what my illness was, but during our talk he told me the product has an affinity for the nervous system. He said it cures 70-75% of people with migraines. I wish he was going to say 90% or 80%, but at least he didn’t say 50%, right? But you know what, even Hain quotes something like 80% with his arsenal of Band-Aid drugs (God love them - I’ll take them till the day i die if i have to. I just know they’re not curing anything.

So i’m taking my chances. My rocking is the same, day 3, but otherwise i feel great. So in three months if I’m still suffering with MAV, i’ll get my money back. Hey, i’ve waited it out with preventatives for that long, why not this? (and none of them offered me a refund.) And, no, i won’t quit my meds during this time, i just won’t add anything new. **


but but but how ya gonna know if this new stuff is helping or it’s just your old meds working?

By “otherwise feel great”, I take it you mean that you’ve improved on it already…? :slight_smile:
BTW, what kind of dosage are we talking about here? A few grams or so a day?

Joy - i’ve been on my old meds for months and months and months and months and months and months and months - i have no reason to believe i would all of a sudden have an MAV improvement from any of them without making a change in dose, which I won’t do while taking this product. yes?

Tran, yes, my energy is good and this is after having to shovel a ton of WET HEAVY snow yesterday in freezing, windy tempertures. I thought i would wake up feeling like sh-t! and even after that - I don’t usually cook much during the week. I usually cook enough on the weekends to last all week. If I do cook during the week, it’s usually on Friday. I spent some major time cooking yesterday. Also, i edited one line out because I don’t want you guys thinking I’m too crazy - but my rosacea is gone. I washed my face this morning and noticed that it felt so smooth. my rosacea is gone.

I take 1 tsp three times a day, mixed in water, and it tastes good, kind of like cream of wheat. If and when I’m well, i’ll got down to once a day.

Hmmmm, where do I sign up??? I’ll try it for the added energy alone!!! :smiley:


:slight_smile: I told Kim I wasn’t going to post until/unless I had recovery, but I decided, what if I am one of the 20-25% who don’t recover? then I would be withholding this product from the rest of you guys, so i decided to go ahead and post anyway.

just because Topamax, Pristiq, Neurontin, Zoloft, didn’t go all the way for me, (they helped, but i’m still housebound) doesn’t mean they didn’t do much more for many others, right?

So i decided to post.


If you want to know how to get it, PM me

Kim has reminded me that I have never mentioned what’s in this stuff. Here’s the ingredients on the label:

Proprietary Blend:

Polysaccharide Peptides from
specific strains of Brown Rice flour,
Short Grain Rice flour,
Fragrant Rice Flour (4,950 mg)

Natural Spirulina (50 mg)

No sugar, chemicals, artificial colors, artificial flavors, additives or preservatives. There are no known side effects.

And although I told you in my last post everything I don’t know about the product, here is what I DO know, and it’s not much? This is pretty much what I told Kim:

So, what’s so special about rice flour. It’s what they’ve done to it. It’s so high tech that I will never understand it. What I do know is this. They use nanotechnology to mechanically hydrolyze the polysaccharide peptides into monosaccharides which go directly through the cell membrane without having to be metabolized first. This leaves each cell in the body with a net amount of energy 38 times what it would have given you if it had had to go through the regular metabolic pathways. The suggestion the company makes to the lay public is that the cell uses the extra energy for healing. But I believe there has to be something more here. This feels like one of the holes that’s missing for me (as well as, what exactly they’s done to the original starches - i don’t know the entire story, because they’re not telling)

Like I’ve said, If it weren’t for the people I know personally, not some could-be-paid testamonials, I wouldn’t have a thing to do with it. But the proof is in the puddin’ and i’ve seen the puddin’ with my own eyes.

I posted on another thread about my dog. She has a heart murmur and had developed a “smoker’s cough” which was getting progressively worse to the point that she was coughing all day long. We were trying to decide what to do. I started her on this medicine and today she only coughed ONCE! the doc i talked to yesterday did say animal do even better that humans. My cat has Bartonella - guess what I’m giving her :slight_smile:

Okay, no more from me until i have some real news. i promise.