Hi Guys

Been a while since I have posted - hope some of the old faces are feeling better.

I’m doing quite well actually - I still feel dizzy but would say Im around 85% most of the time.

I started back on Pizotifen, which had a slight benefit (but weight gain!) and then added in 10mg of Citalopram which after a week made a real difference.

My job is going well and for the 1st time in ages I’m really enjoying life. I dont think I’ll ever be 100%, and I will always be dizzy, but at the moment it is manageable for once. Obvioulsy to be totally normal would be a dream, but you can’t have everything. Even now I feel fuzzy and am rocking - but Im so used to it!



So Happy to hear that you are doing better!! 85% is not bad! I would say I"m about at that same percentage, and I’d be lying if I said I wasnt still chasing the elusive 100% remission!!
THanks for sharing…

Hey Luke,

Good to hear you’re doing well. I’ve had a bit of a relapse since flying 8 weeks ago - trying to crawl out of the hole now with a drug increase, seeing a bit of progress as of yesterday. Hey don’t give up on that 100% - could happen yet, this crap is so unpredictable.

Afraid I’m joining you on the drug induced weight gain front. I am half a stone heavier than I was which I hate, trying to do something about it at the moment.


Hey Luke,

Good to hear from you and hear that you’re doing so much better on Cipramil. I had a feeling that might be the key for you. Do you think you can dump pizotifen now? It doesn’t seem like it was doing much apart from making you eat like a race horse anyway.

Any side effects from Cip that are a bother? Mojo hit? The good news is that you’re getting good results at 10 mg so SEs should be low.

I’m wondering if adding B2, magnesium and Q10 would add another 5-10%?

Cheers … Scott

ps. I just booked a trip back to Toronto for July. Migraine or not, I’m going.

I am using B12 (sublingual), magnesium, Co-enzyme Q10 and Gingko Biloba for migraine. I think it is helping because my symptoms have been much better over the last couple of months. One of my doctors also suggested adding Omega 3 to my supplements as that helps with brain health. I will give it a try and see if there is anymore improvement.

Where in Toronto are you heading to Scott?? I live just outside of Toronto.

Hi Scott

I am toying with dumping Pizotifen, but just scared that its the combo that is doing the trick. I guess I could always try and if I get worse get back on it again?!

How you doing? Citalopram hasnt really added any noteable side effects.


Does anyone know …Is Ginko ok to take while taking meds…I am on Nortriptyline ?


What dosage were you told to take for b12? I got some sublingual b12 from the store (5,000mcg pills was their max) as that’s easier than going to doctor’s for a shot though I’m open to it. I don’t have a depleted level of b12 I’m just trying to find something to help with the fatigue.