Hi All

Just thought I pop in and say hi - so busy with work these days I often dont get a chance to post that much!

I’m hovering at about 80% - which is bearable but not ideal. I’ve definitely had the best six months in over 2 years, and can do most normal things, albeit feeling quite off and weird.

I’m still on 1.5mg of Pizotifen, recently reduced from 2mg because of weight gain. I have also recently upped my dose of Citalopram (Celexa) to 15mg, as this is when I started to see some real benefit.

My other conclusion is that I just have periods when this is better and worse, so no idea if meds working at all. I have a review in July so will see what they say, if anything!

I’m off to Thailand next week for a bit of R&R, hoping that a break will come things down in my hectic life.

Even while dizzy I have taken up rock climbing & running, although I generally feel very dizzy doing both! ha!

Learn to take the pain - its only mixed signals!


Hey Luke,

Good to hear from you and that you are doing much better. Great that you’re managing with work - I know how much of a worry that is. My guess is the drugs probably are helping. I also go through relapses and remissions, however after 8 years of this crap I’ve realised that the drugs almost certainly do help me. I tend to get worse if I lower the dose and get progressively better, although it can take a while when I up them.

Was in Thailand in Feb on Koh Phangan (sp?) Also spent a bit of time in Bangkok - all the trouble started there about two weeks after I left! Where are you headed?


Good to hear Luke. Looks like Cip did the trick. Think you’ll ditch Piz? It would be good to see if Cip alone is carrying you.

Scott 8)

I’m so glad to hear you are doing well! Do you notice any residual symptoms in the days following events that make you dizzy? If I over do it, I tend to be hurting BAD the three of four days following the event even though I make it through the initial event.